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2005-04-04 - 6:18 p.m.

I called and talked to Katerina's father as she wasn't home yet (she was at Grandmom's) I asked if he got the results of the Gifted Math Program that were mailed out on March 31. HE said she didn't get in. HE also said he hasn't told her yet as she had a slumber party to go to Fri night and he just wanted her to enjoy the weekend.

He said she did better than the median but not good enough for the program when I asked if they gave detailed results.

I am very proud she went for it. I think she was positive about the experience even thought it was hard and even though she knows she may not get in. She seems realistic and also hopeful. She herself seemed to think that it was worth it as even if she doesn't get in working for regular math class will only seem easy after this experience! She herself said that made it valuable! She also understands its for the top students and she realized many of the applicants were in advanced math classes this year while she was not. (That's another frustration as here in Loudoun she was SCHEDULED to be in an advanced class!! OH WELL.... )

She'll be disappointed.

I'm disappointed. I recognize that had she gotten into the program it would make me feel better about her being in Buffalo as at least she's have that unique and incredible educational opportunity she won't get elsewhere.

OH well. There will be other opportunities for her.

I have to just find something else to be happy about regarding her being there.....

I look for SOME good reason for me to be at peace about she and and Soren being there.

Their Dad in their life is unfortunatly not enough for me to be happy for them. I feel too conflicted about that! (Too worried about the issues he has.....)

I guess its enough for them to be happy though, and I suppose that's a good thing for them as they seem to be happy to be with him.

So I keep praying the best prayer I can think of: THat God's will be done, and that in the end what is best for them actually occurs.

That's the only thing that give me peace about this now since its so out of my hands. Having faith that its in God's hands makes me feel better than solely thinking the children's fate is all in the hands of a judge and law guardian who are fallible and so human.

It's some solace anyway.

And I am doing what I can from afar.

Mailed my letter about the irresponsibility of the school system in ignoring my requests for info. ANd I contacted the Gifted Math Program for my copy of the test results for my educational file.

Best I can do for now.

There is a Spring Choral Concert Katerina talked of coming up. After my letter I think the school will THIS TIME be forthcoming with info when I call to inquire about when and where it is so I can attend! So I plan on traveling next to be there for that.

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