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2005-04-06 - 8:28 p.m.

Packing up my computer for an indeterminate amount of time. We'll see when I get it set up again! Until them.... its been lovely here sitting where I can look out at the green trees and birds while I write. The mountains here are also lovely (although I can't see them from my current desk location!) The desk has been in the dining room while the bedroom was FINALLY finished being painted and decorated. We are ALMOST done with the re-decorating after being back in the house for one year now! To be determined yet where my desk set up shall next be..... Until then, your guess is actually as good as mine as I haven't yet a clue! (Someday the planned study for me may come to fruition: but I estimate that will be AT LEAST 5 years or more....) P.S. Oh yeah- the dining room is the LAST room left to be painted along with it's adjacent hall, and will soon be Westley's weekend project!

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