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2005-04-26 - 5:35 p.m.

I just found an old file I didn't know was on my computer! ITs a link to an article I have tried to FIND SO MANY TIMES since I lost the inital bookmark!,13026,937913,00.html

So glad to have found this again! There's some test there, although I think the info I REALLY want is another link--- one that leads to a whole comprehensive test of the four areas of the BRAIN that both Westley and I took a few years back. But now I can find that as I think its referenced in the above article! (ANd if its not the info to find it is referred to above)

Anyway- no time to peruse it now- but at least this time I am saving it in multiple places!

My EXTREMELY male brained counterpart Westley would likely have retained this link if he ever did have it.... too bad I didn't think to ask him! That irony just hit me.

In any case, I just recently re-set up my computer and tofay sent an email to someone via their site. (It was actually some womans site about MOTHERS without CUSTODY... I e-mailed a suppoprtive comment!)

In doing so Microsoft outlook was opened and it said it was sending "1 of 11" then "2 of 11" it appears that ELEVEN E-MAILS were sent out! I surmise that all those other ones were written but not sent previously for some reason! So I opened up Outlook to see what the heck that looks like and looked at sent mail. Still a mystery to me... as it there appears e-mails were sent in the past and only one was sent today. Hmmmm...

Maybe a slew of old e-mail just went out! So I read the latest 10 e-mails prior to the one sent today, just to be sure there wasn't anything that would be an embarassment if it gets received by someone today when written eons ago! (Like one of those angry ramblings that I've ranted off, that felt right in the moment, but then have been HAPPY they were not sucessfully sent.... I've had a few of those! )
WHEW- was relieved the latest 10 were NOT of that nature! But in them was an e-mail sent to Westley linking the above article!

I can't recall HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE SEARCHED THE GUARDIAN trying to RE- FIND this article!!! I wanted to send it off to a few of my brothers and friends at various times.

So Cool!!

Oh- If I haven't yet mentioned: I gave Westly the book THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT and he recently read it and LOVED IT!

I loved it too!!

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