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2005-04-27 - 7:32 a.m.

Westley bought me a present! I was so pleased that he thoughtfully picked up an electronic teapo which will automatically shut off after 10 minutes.

I can't recall just how many teapots I've destroyed by melting....
But hot motlen metal on the stove is not something that Westley likes worrying about.

So after mentioning this to me sone time ago, Westley was happy to see one of the automatic shut off teapots on clearance and bought it.

The only problem is that the thing is made of PLASTIC, with the exception of only the round heating element at the bottom. And when we tested it out the water inside actually smelled like platic.

Westely always says "If you smell anything its because there is a particle there. If it smells, the plastic is leeching. I don't know how healthy this is."

So we agreed to run water through a number of times until it no longer stinks so overtly that we KNOW we are adding toxins to tea.... I mean tannins are toxins enough for us.

I also thought I'd peruse the web to see if I find anyone's comments on this.

So after I filled the pot and was literally THINKING "I bet we are healthier people than others as we think about things like this", as I placed the pot on and turned on the burner...


and removed the teapot from the STOVETOP BURNER where I typically melt metal teapots I have forgotten about.

I quickly put it on its base.

Fortunately the burner hadn't gotten hot yet.... just a little warm... and the plastic smell was oh so faint, not that TRULY poisionous melting of plastic (YES I HAVE ALSO MELTED VARIOUS PLASTIC ITEMS.... a STRAINER....SPATULAS....)

For those who are not attention impaired I am sure you will still apprechiate the humor of this. For those who are attention impaired the only safe way to remove plastic from a burner without burning it off and inhaling the carcinogenic toxins is to scrape it with a razor. Its a skill I am good at! Fortunatley I just double checked and I do not need to do this this morning.

I am heading back to the kitchen where I'll dump the water again, smell it again... (Maybe all this inhalation of plastic in testing it out is doing more harm than drinking the damn water?) THEN, I'll MOVE THE APPLIANCE TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE KITCHEN, in hopes that the distance away from the stove will hinder me from making that mistake again.

OY Veigh! (or however that is spelled! I was born a LI girl so still think in terms of those great Jewish Expressions that I never know how to write so I usually leave them out.)

On the positive side.... CAFFINE IS SAID TO BE HELPFUL TO THOSE WITH ADD (although I avoid it and drink herbal now while nursing.) So I guess the hazards of tea making will some day be worth it to me.

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