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2005-05-05 - 6:27 p.m.

I feel like a loser. Another ADD moment: Westley asked me to do him only ONE favor today- GO TO THE BANK to deposit a very important check needed to pay essential bills. OF COURSE I FORGOT.

I remembered this at 4 :50 pm just as DINNER WAS READY. AND I was so proud of the flow of our day and adhering to a good schedule which helps the girls!

SO I decided I'd let them eat and then go to the bank as they are open til 6pm and are only about 10 minutes away.

And I promptly FORGOT about it again until 5:45 at which point I was scrambling girls to the car sockless and shoeless... and the phone rang. It was Westely who was asking if I followed up on that task. I told him I forgot and was trying to make it. HE said "BE CAREFUL DON't drive fast and get into an accident. I think they are open until 6:30pm."

Did I mention he never lies? Well the qualifying "I THINK" likely made that not a lie.... He has such an incredible memory, but likely wanted me to not stress too much so as to be an unsafe driver. I suspect he really KNEW they were open til 6pm. It was EXACTLY 6pm when I pulled up to the CLOSED sign at the drive through. I then pulled around and parked and got out of my car in my OPTIMIST FASHION hoping maybe the lobby door was still open. The exterior was... and I hopefully went in to find the interior lobby door closed. I stood there waiting... looking at the clock proclaiming 6:00 sharp thinking "Hmmm... I wonder what kind of customer service they have here. If they are any good they'll see me and open the door realizing it is still 6:00 and they are TECHNICALLY still suppossed to be open ... its not 6:01 yet! "

They failed my customer service test. Especially when I drove back around to the OTHER drive through with the CALL button and pressed it to which in response a teller Hello and I inquired
"Is there any way I can be helped?"

She said "we're Closed. Its 6:05"

I responded "YEs- and I was here at 6:00 sharp and you obviously were closed BEFORE then." DARN I CHOSE THE WRONG DRIVE UP LANE THAT FIRST TIME! HAD I GONE TO THE ONE WITH THE CALL BUTTON AT 6 sharp rather than the window I may have been in luck...

Long and short of it all though is that it is my own lack of FOCUS and lack of responsibility due to crappy MEMORY problems which is why I FAILED to get this done today.


I HADN"T written it on the calendar today. I really need to ALWAYS write a TO DO list when I am asked to do something, and even when I WANT to do something for myself as without a list I FORGET even important things!

HECK a few weeks ago I realized just days before that I had a PRE TRIAL conference! How could I have forgotten about that until the last minute??? I just get so caught up in the routine business of each day and it fills my head with CLUTTER and I forget even the important things!

SO I came home a few minutes ago and all the girls are asleep as they zonked out on the ride (after being quiet at nap time today but not actually falling asleep then! But at least they stayed in bed and I GOT A NAP as well as the baby!)

So I came inside I went to call WESTLEY back and as I was talking to him after saying "I didn't make it in time" the phone battery died! BRIEF cut off conversation! The OTHER phone ALSO has a dead battery as I failed to put that on the charger as well. ITs these little DETAIL things that I forget to do that I am more aware of when WESTELY is not here to pick up the pieces of the stull I drop.

He's out to dinner at a business meeting tonight.

Well now I'll clean up dishes from dinner then rouse the girls and get them all into the bath and PJs and off to bed.

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