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2005-05-12 - 4:43 p.m.

Opened my e-mail, read one from Friendster , then clicked on a FREE reading regarding my possible past lives. So this explains my absolute Chocolate addiction and PICKINESS in only truly enjoying FINE chocolate: Note the likely Central American...THAT WOULD HAVE TO BE PRE-AZTEC before the cacoa varieties were made substandard!! (HA HA!!) I HAVE always had a fondness for Central American and MEXICAN culture! MEXICO is in fact one of the few places I have ventured outside of the US.

Just a few weeks ago Westely brought home an incredible ORGANIC MEXICAN Fair TRADE Coffee from TARGET which is JUST AMAZING! I went back and was glad to find there was one bag left which I picked up!

I am not regularly eating either chocolate or imbibing in coffee as I am still nursing so am avoiding caffine. The smell of that Mexican coffee has been driving me insane though! SO I went out to buy some DECAF beans for myself. I got GREEN MOUNTAINS House Blend and its OK.

I was doing so well fighting these cravings but then picked up a book at the library that was sitting there at the checkout counter titled CHOCOLATE. I also picked up the VHS tape of LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE as I apologized to the librarian for ruining her display.

SO after reading up to only page 8, and realizing this is not a novel but a HISTORY of chocolate I just HAD to pick up a Dark CHOCOLATE DOVE BAR which is my favorite of the supermarket cheaper chocolates when I can't indulge in the REAL rich stuff. (LIKE THE VALRHONA that I find at Weigmans)

At Easter time I enjoyed an incredible rich chocolate that Westley purchased at the WHOLE FOODS store in Vienna when we were out there at my sister and brother in laws. THAT WAS INCREDIBLE but SO DARK that I kept thinking it deserved to be made into a rich and sweeter moose. I however wasn't patient enought to WAIT to consume it before I could get to the store for the CREAM needed to make the moose.

Chapter 1: The Sun

Your Sun is in Virgo (Tropical zodiac).

As to the activities which are innate or outwardly manifested in your life, coming in the astronomical constellation of Virgo, at times you may have the appearance of being too self-sufficient in your relationships with others. Find out more with your full-length reading...

There is also a likely tendency for you to approach life in a very rational way, resulting in your being considered by others as having a rather materialistic turn of mind. At the same time this also gives you the ability to train or direct the training of the minds of young people. Find out more with your full-length reading...

Long ago, one of your likely past lives was in an ideal nature setting, where you were known for your courage and for your ability to heal. From this distant lifetime you are less likely than most people to be dominated by others and you are usually inclined to carry your share of responsibilities. This experience may have been in South or Central America as a member of one of the native cultures in the Amazon forest of Brazil or the Aztec Indians of Mexico. Find out more with your full-length reading...

VERY INTERESTING! I like the part about SHAPING MINDS of children and being unlikely to be dominated by others! I MOST DEFINATLELY have heard the COMPLAINT from others that my self sufficiency makes them feel like I don't let them in enough! (Thus the ironic problem with being intrinsically happy! One happy seldom REACHES out to others for help! And of course that is ATTRACTIVE at first to people, but then they feel like they are not needed! So the key is to reach out to others to bring them INTO the happiness I guess! I don't really know how to do that well though... in some ways it seems patronizing....Oh well!)

Time to make dinner.
I'd rather however eat and read about Chocolate... but I have little minds to mold, so I'll be rational!

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