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2005-06-04 - 4:33 p.m.

I have had a few fun filled days taking advatage of the free entertainment in town here near Syracuse! Today the girls and I went here in Chittenago NY

AND HERE: Yesterday we drove around until we found a nice park to play at (as the STATE PARK we have been going to started to charge $7 per car admission!! UGH!) WE then went here:

to enjoy the music and sights and fun that included the girls dancing in the fountain in Clinton Square. The highlight was when Alexy decided that since her underwear got wet in the fountain that she's take it off! I quikly had to whisk her up and try to discreetly get her clothed and round up the other girls as it was then suddenly time to go! A few close by folks had the laugh of the day ! Thank goodness the other girls were very cooperative that it was time to leave! And Uncle Paul will be so proud of our FOUNTAIN splashing as he is a strong advocate of public fountain play at any age! (I think that was his platform when he ran for office in SC! ) Hey Paulie- this ain't Columbia! No one was arrested and there were in fact POLICE very near us while the girls danced!

Westely drove home to VA after work on Fri so he can MOW all weekend and check out the COWS that the farmer finally brought to our fields. They are yearlings. Too bad we are not there to learn about how to tend cows. Katerina was the one who actually asked for cows at one of our MAPLE ORCHARD family planning meetings years ago and they were added on the agenda under GOALS. She in fact had called last year to find out about joining the BEEF CLUB of 4-H so it saddened me when I came to OCT in my calender and found the info of when and where the meeting for this FALL had been. She had planned on going with Westley as she intended on investing her money in a calf and learning how to care for it, raising it, and then selling it at profit for her college fund (and/or horse fund in the future.) A few years back Katerina met a girl who was an older teenager working for the local VET that had done that! She was a vet tech student at the time and did well with her prize winning cows!

Anyway... I REALLY wanted to call and ask if I could pick up Katerina and Soren for a weekend visit, but didn't as I am waiting for this whole legal crap to be over before doing so. (Simply out of prudence of not wanting any trouble! WE remember the incident of when years ago we drove to LEESBURG to drop off the kids w/ their GRANDMOM at the Holiday Inn and then we took off for the weekend after WESTLY sprayed pesticides and posted the required NO TRESPASSING and PESTICIDE APPLICATION DO NOT ENTER PROPERTY FOR 48 HOURS signs! Despite that Soren was able, at GRANDMOM's request to give her directions and lead her to the house where she and Katerina and Soren walked all over and looked in the windows and she was generally being nosy having to check out our house. We were not too surprised to hear that all three of them were vomiting the whole weekend with GRANDMOM! (You'd think she'd get the message that she wasn't welcome at our house due to the fact we opted to meet her at a public spot a half hour away!)
Anyway WESTLY actually just treated the exterior HERE for weeds... Due to the past history, and the past bugging of us when in Pittsford when Clara was always trying to get into our house with a variety of wacky methods and excuses I am HONESTLY reluctant to plan ANY visits with the kids WHEN WESTLEY is NOT HERE to be a help and support with handling and setting NECESSARY HEALTHY limits with her! She just makes me reluctant to deal with planning anything or even communicating with her! So since weekends are spent at GRANDMOM'S that means I am not going to try to make any LAST minute plans for impomptu visits. I'll plan ALL CONTACT with the kids THROUGH their FATHER and do so in advance. Basically we were thinking of all going to VA this weekend, and were waiting on a few things before making our mind up WHICH weekend to go : this or next! WE decided on THU that Westley would go this weekend himself and we would all head down together NEXT weekend as the girls will be thrilled to see their little friends - kids of our friend's Mike and Shelby who now have another new baby being baptized on SUN! They happen to go to the same parish we used to go to , so it will be fun to go to their baby's baptism next SUN. We also were waiting to hear how my sister in law was doing as her due date was JUNE 5 and we hoped to travel AFTER the baby was born!

So since we talked to MOM (Westely and her MOM) on Thu and she reported no news yet, and we hadn't heard from my sister and bro in law, we thought we'd wait to travel as a family as to take the trip TWO weekends in a row would be too much!

It figures I got a call at 11:30 pm last night from my brother in law that " Its time! We're having a baby!"

IT turns out that my sister in law had just a ridiculously,trying, difficult delivery experience! She apparently started having contractions THREE DAYS AGO and at first everyone (like her mom) thought it was the Pre LABOR Braxton Hicks stuff. She was sent home from the hospital not yet ready. I had told my mother in law that's not uncommon and that in one pregnancy that happened to me a week before the birth. But my sister in law was in great pain and couldn't sleep at all and they felt intense to her so they went back to the hospital and were again sent home (DAY 2 of contractions!) With sleeping pill in hand they went home, and she took it, and STILL couldn't sleep due to the pain. So my brother in law reports they went back to the hospital after two days of contractions, two to five minutes apart with mom just EXHAUSTED not having slept (for the past two days!) and still not very dialated (something like 1 cm only) and the nurses were then SURPRISED when they hooked up the machines to find out the contractions WERE INDEED STRONG! It kills me to hear this- as I am sure the "EXPERTS" all ASSUMED my sis in law was overreacting-- but of course they failed to recognize it WAS HER PAIN that SHE FELT!! HOW CAN THEY JUDGE? My experience when Katerina was born was that they all told me I didn't need to be at the hospital and then left me in a room and it was when her head was literally emerging when they acknowledged maybe I needed to be there and then the nurses were all a nervous wreck rolling me down the hall instucting me how to FIGHT the contractions..... In any case my sister in law had one HELL Of a labor for DAYS in pain where they physically looked at her and sent her home. So after three days of intense labor,and finally receiving an epidural and hitting only 5 cm, being tapped of energy with her blood pressure dropping and running a fever my NEICE emerged via C-Section at 6:58 AM this morn a HEALTHY 6.8 lb girl with a fighting spirit APGAR of 9.9! I TOLD EXHAUSTED DAD I'd pass the news on and tell WESTLY Who would be emapthatic to the ZOMBIE state DAD is in so would likley not call until tommorrow so they can SLEEP !

Just as well we didn't all travel! I think visitors are the last thing they need immediately. They need to rest and re-gain strength!

I also (having had been gifted with truly easy deliverys ) am likley the LAST person my sis-in-law who I love dearly and who loves me dearly would like to SEE right now!! I understand this! THough she loves me she just went through HELL and would likely think it unjust and unfair that when she was my support it looked EASY! I don't want to get yelled at ! (HA HA-- just joking! But good delivery envy is understandable!)
I can't begin to imagine how her pain must have felt! I recall being upset at the THREE hours of protracted pain with one pregancy only... and that was the only real tough spot. Now that was THREE HOURS without drugs! BUT ALMOST THREE DAYS..... GOD BLESS HER AND HER CHILD who will likely will hear about this all her life! (HA HA!)

The good news is that my brother-in-laws parents both came in from CA to stay with them and so they had their support through this. That was so good for them. So her mom in law was with my friend/sis in law the whole time! Her parents are actually older and just not up to traveling at this time so they will likely see the baby when my sister and brother in law bring her up to NY once a bit older. (They didn't make it down when Alexy was born or baptized this time either as they are just getting tired of travel)

So that was our exciting weekend so far! When we got home from the parade today Sadie was excited to receive a package of birthday gifts from her Grandparents, Westely's Mom and DAD. The girls just finished watching an obviously crappy pirated version of a HELLO KITTY tape! (WE never have the heart to tell my in-laws that they shouldn't waste money on those "SALE" tapes they get somewhere. Maybe I should.... as we keep getting them and Westley gradually tosses them in the trash after the novelty wears off as the sound and picture quality is HIDEOUS and having worked with patent law this is really a big pet peeve of his! He objects to any pirated tapes!BUT I can't bring myself to ruin the joy of grandparents in gift giving! Besides, Katerina and Soren enjoyed countless similar gifts from their GRANDMOM for years before we tossed those when they outgrew them! Kids don't know the difference or care!

Tape ended! Time for dinner- a simple one of ANNIES mac and cheese as I continue to enjoy my weekend!

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