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2005-06-06 - 7:52 a.m.

YAH Talked to Soren this morn who said he got an awesome birthday gift from his Godfather (my oldest bro) Uncle Mike of two art kits. One is a watercolor kit with an accompanying book that teaches technique

and the other is a pencil drawing kit.


COOL also that not only are these gifts Soren is thrilled at but that his Unc used the AMAZON wish list and it worked well! (Last time my Dad tried for some reason the package for Katerina was returned. I think that was the ongoing post office problem though and not the set up of the wish lists! ) I am happy that family and friends use these for the kids as we all spent time on them and I try to get the kids to pick stuff for them they like (although lately haven't had time with them so I have updated them myself.)

Soren said on Sat he and Katerina had A KUNG FU lesson, then he enjoyed spending time with his new art materials! He told me in great detail about the pencils and which to use for what technique... so he clearly was entralled by that!

I am happy for Soren- but the BIG YAH is that THE POST OFFICE left the required NOTE on the door that they were holding the package at the POST OFFICE since no one was home! Soren told me they found the note on their door and Grandmom took them to the post office to pick up the package. That is a HUGE relief to me. The whole family will be glad to hear the kids are getting packages.

I had tackled the CASE of the MISSING packages some months ago and talked with both the Post Office Manager and the Carrier himself. Just for go measure to ensure total accountability (JUST IN CASE THE BAD PRACTICE WASN't LIMITED TO THE ONE CARRIER, OR THERE WASN'T FOLLOW UP) a few weeks ago when I happened to venture into the Post Office here in Syracuse I overheard the person in front of me talking about a lost package. The guy HERE handed her a COMPLAINT FORM: this one (for anyone who may ever encounter this problem!)

I asked for the form too and filled it out and mailed it in. He assured that once the official complaint form is filed the problems won't happen again as they are then under serious scrutiny! YAH!! My mom and all other family and friends can now feel comfortable mailing packages as it seems they ARE FINALLY following procedure!

If mail is lost you have to know EXACTLY the date and time and where it was mailed from. Because of that detail required for the investigation, my mom couldn't send in a form as she has no idea WHEN exactly she mailed her lost package. Westely's usually SEEMINGLY INSANE careful record keeping and insistance on FILING EVERY DAMN RECEIPT down to the penny of cash spent comes in handy!

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