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2005-06-07 - 9:11 a.m.

Creativity is the wellspring of art
But intentionality is the fountain that both captures and facilitates it's flow.

Thats my truncated thought for the day as I have lots to do and no time to enter the long rambling essay that swirled in my head during my shower.

Maybe this lack of time today is a gift as I am pleased with the abbreviated result.

Inspired by the thought read in a blog :
Embrace your whole self. Embrace your once thought of WEAKNESSES and make these YOUR strengths.

And the thought of how to actualize a swirled about idea I've dabbled with for a while now. I think I figured out how to coherently reign it in and transform it into an actual END PRODUCT so to speak. Without planning and work on process this couldn't be achieved so while embracing WHO I am creatively I am attempting to also apply some hard learned NOT AT ALL INHERENT organizational skills to my writing.

This feels like a breakthrough for me which stemmed from yesterdays rambling, my constant yearn to write, and the comment that I SHOULD harness that desire into something that is more PRODUCTIVE than a self indulgent journal.

Knowing you have to create a lot of crap first in the process of discovering and unfolding the beautiful.

That holds true for all things I think- people and relationships included!

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