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2005-06-15 - 6:29 p.m.

The Cows finally arrived!

And they are not too exciting. They basically all hover at the edge of the fence and look at us, and we look back at them. I imagine they think "Look! Its the people who must live in the house! They haven't been here in a while.... lets check them out!" Then after some intent observation they must think

"Gee that was a bit disappointing after the anticipation of waiting for them. All they do is eat and sleep ... then eat some more."

Over our weekend we actually did a bit more than that which the COWS couldn't observe to know about! We did go to visit our newest family member my first neice! She is just lovely!

WE also CELEBRATED FATHER's DAY. hmmm.... Maybe the cows caught wind of that and got a good laugh! That is if the cows too are aware of the Hallmark Holiday Calendar.

This is in fact another CLASSIC ADD MOMENT! You see UNTIL TODAY I REALLY THOUGHT FATHER's DAY WAS LAST WEEKEND! So today my parents called. First I talk to mom and said "I didn't even call Dad yet for Father's DAY!"

And I apologize that we were busy due to traveling over the weekend. She says It's next Sunday. And I laugh and tell her now I understand why the lady at the store looked at me like I was nuts when I made the comment that when you are LATE buying cards I always apprechiate that AT LEAST you get the consolation prize of a discount to make you feel A LITTLE BETTER after feeling so badly about being a smuck! I was once again impulsively making the comment out loud (which I THOUGHT a bit funny!) That situation was funnier in the telling to my mom now that I know I was cluesless and had the day wrong! BUT THE BEST PART of the conversation WAS WHEN MY MOTHER ADMITTED SHE THOUGHT IT WAS LAST SUNDAY TOO!! She said she was confused and attributed it the fact "someone ran an ad with the wrong date. I'm sure I saw that somewhere. I think they must have made a mistake- but I can't remember where I saw it"

OK MOM..... who incidentally is defensive if I mention ADD. I'm pretty sure she doesn't really believe in ADD....


Anyway...If that isn't funny enough, WESTELY DIDN't KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! HE TOO THOUGHT HE JUST FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT AND WAS GENUINELY PLEASED WHEN he found the card Sadie made and hid in his desk LAST FRI. She was too impatient to wait until Sunday!

And I know she could have NEVER waited over a week to give him her card! So he was happy to get homemade cards from his girls!

So back to the REST of the weekend. The cows could't tell that we went off to a BAPTISM on Sunday morning and MILESTONE FOR US: WE ARRIVED EARLY!! WHOO HOOO!!

We had a nice time there and at the Italian Style lavish party afterwards. Our friends the parents are a couple that are like us Irish/Italian Catholics so we have much in common and they are always great fun. Their friends too are really nice. IT was great to be social with lots of families. WE also have been to each others events so have met their extended family a number of times and enjoy seeing them all as well.

The cows may have been aware that over the previous week our house had been hit by lightning. I wonder if they found it somewhat funny that the phone line, a router, and our heating/cooling unit were all fried so we in essence had to live just like them for a bit! But maybe they were not aware that while it LOOKED like we were not THAT busy I was in fact making calls to fix things, and Westley was making trips to buy stuff and fix what he can. After a new router, a visit from the Climactic Heating and Cooling guys... (it took two as the first said, and I quote "I have no idea what is wrong. I need to send over another guy who's qualified... I mean MORE experienced")... all stuff is now up and running again!

So the cows can't laugh at us any longer if we were a source of amusement! And we can now do something othjer than gaze out at the pretty horizon and chew and sleep and fix things! But after that weekend, gazing out at the horizon, chewing and sleeping is really sounding quite enticing...

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