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2005-07-10 - 3:25 a.m.

I'm a bit tipsy right now.

Is that minimizing?? IS DRUNK THE RIGHT WORD/

NAw.. I can still type ( HA HA!)

Fantastic evening connecting with collge friends~ Enjoyin wine, and they headed out to take a walk to see if the gas station is open for 24 hrs FOR CIGARETTES! I have mostley addict friends ! (EDITED TO ADD That I don't smoke nor ever will! ANd I laughed at re-reading this comment about mostly addict friends! Not REALLY true... but I guess I WAS thinking about how it IS TRUE that MANY of my friends have SOME addition-- whether it is being a workaholic, cigarette smokers, chocoholic, or the more obvious detrimental addictions like alcoholism and drug abuse.)

NEed to sleep soon, but had to write about the awesome day! WE saw DAN THE FIREMAN, our awesome friend who make breakfast for us this morn at his house here in the area. HE also told great stories about his various tatoos which I captured on videotape. OH- and he IS AS HOT AS EVER! I had forgotten that about him.... since I never was one to go for that buff athlete look. Don't know why- but the JOCK type never turned me on. Dan was most definately a JOCK type when you glanced at him and first were to characterize based on looks alone.WE all became friends on service projects together through THE INSTITUTE of FAITH AND JUSTICE at Canisius. I have a fond memory of CLIMBING TREES with Dan during a walk in the wilderness of APPALACHIA. He told great stories of time spent in ALASKA. He said it was "Like the Grapes of Wrath" which I think was such a fantastic description of his indentured servant like experience as a Salmon Fisherman. we swapped ARTIC CIRCLE stories as he met the INUIT of ALaska and I told of Westely and I visiting KIRUNA, Sweden and the indiginious eskimos there. (that I can't recall the name of due to my shitty memory!)

Tired now! Good night!

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