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2005-07-20 - 5:29 p.m.



Heck I should chat w/ Westely and apply. It would actually be rather funny as my work experience would be interesting to them. Along with my JD and Human Services background I imagine I WOULD at least be considered for an interview!

Now is this thought passive aggressive in some manner???

Seriously though... wouldn't that be a riot. Go get the job as TREATMENT COORDINATOR for the Family Court system.

I can just imagine how much FUN that would make the current trial. It really would be funny to do! And guaranteed the people interviewing likely won't even THINK to ask about conflicts if your in the midst of a case.... I find people often are just NOT THAT BRIGHT.

Heck for that salary it would have to be worth it to do for the entertainment value alone. It pays enough to cover travel and not much else... (after taxes!) I hope Westley would be on board with the idea. I have to be there a few days in AUG for trial anyway that coincide with the deadline- so if they called for an interview I'd likely BE THERE already! It could work... I could on that salary get by with a VERY cheap apt and find child care and likely travel with a few of the kids back and forth as Westley did when he worked in CA. Then I'd get to see the older kids too.Hey the two city thing can work. This sure would beat the commute from Petaluma CA to Lincoln VA!

But it would be a hassle.

Just noted it REALLY for the humor value of fantasizing "What if..."

But if Westley were all for it and has as strong of a fighting spirit as I do thinking GO SHOW THEM WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE!! A JOB interview would THEN be a blast!!

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