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2005-07-22 - 4:32 p.m.

Just talked to my little bro who has been busy HERE (this is last years site-- but he is in the program now!)

He's a manager of a Manhattan Branch of a bank. He was a teller then a customer service rep whose career took off when he was covering temporarily for a manager when off (I think for a maternity leave) and then there was a case of EMBEZZLEMENT at another branch he was suddenly thrown into the temporary manager job there and he kicked butt! He literally exposed a whole systematic culture of that branch not following procedure and cleaned up shop-- fired a bunch of staff, etc and so impressed the bank with his straightforward no nonsense ethics and also great interpersonal skills while doing the dirty work that he was offered a permanent full time bank manager job-- ALL BERORE ever finishing his business degree he had been working on.

He has since switched companys, moving up along the way, and currently is being honed for a regional manager position responsible for mutliple branches after his most recent success in opening a new Manhatten branch.

He is also the proud volinteer trustee of a trust for Katerina and Soren (pitiful though it is!) He is happy to send me copies of the STOP PAYMENTS on all the checks I sent from CHILD SUPPORT payments I THOUGHT their father had made! He hadn't even mentioned that the checks hadn't gone through as he handles the trust and after sending stuff I have no involvement-- but then I ASKED about getting copies to supply evidence of how much actually WAS paid by their DAD this year and my bro informed me that the checks that were oddly arriving AFTER the kids were in his care had stop payments issued! I found the whole thing so odd-- as their DAD hadn't paid anything in a few years, but then I got a check last JUNE and JULY and then they continued in AUG and Sept and OCT AFTER THE KIDS were with him. I figured this was ARREARS due- but just stuck it in trust for the kids care of their uncle so it would be sure to go to them when needed, regardless of what the payments WERE for, and whether they are legally REQUIRED or not. It turns out that my divorce papers indicated that their FATHER was to pay 25% of his income persuant the child support standards act. I assumed that WAS A COURT ORDER FOR SUPPORT and that he would be in arrears for not having complied. When I filed the action to collect in 2002 which hit the ERIE family court when they found him in AUG 04, after a lengthy time during which NY SOCIAL SERVICES COULDN'T LOCATE HIM, I assumed they could collect ARREARS now regardless of whether the kids were in my care or not. It turns out you can not collect UNTIL A COURT ACTUALLY ESTABLISHES A SPECIFIC ORDER WITH A SPECIFIED DOLLAR FIGURE ESTABLISHED! So I really DID NOT have an enforcable order According to social services in VA! Strange!
So after the custody battle is over THEN we get to duke out the support quagmire!

I estimate he only owes about $2000 total as he was under the poverty line anyway. That's why it wasn't worth filing for support until we hit that five year mark of delinquency! You can't get blood out of a stone so they say.
Now it is likely that instead, the kids will likly be in Buffalo and I WILL HAVE A SUPPORT OFDER for when I go back to work! (Which I told my attny is FINE! I WILL BE PROUD TO FINANCIALLY ASSIST IN SUPPORTING MY CHILDREN!As soon as I am working!

Until then I'll keep borrowing from my bros! (I owe my oldest bro borrowed money for one attny bill in the amount of $1500. This is as good of place as any to document that so I don't forget about it. I also owe my folks $1700 for the Psycological EVAL.

Enough about this for now. Back to tend to the WET basement as it poured here in NY and WATER came in AGAIN . DE JA VU!!! This time the DEHUMIDIFIER CABLE IS unfortunately WET so I can't go NEAR that hazard!! UGH

Life with water troubles in old houses STILL goes on!

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