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2005-07-22 - 3:48 p.m.

Trial is good for me! Really! I have to focus on the positive

I actually have MORE energy and feel GREAT

Why? I can thank HOLLIS HITE the law guardian- that's why! She is just SO HELPFUL

You see, last week, when in the non settlement non negotiation session in which we basically CAT FOUGHT and made vicious attacks back and forth, (she at my integrity, I at her competence- I at the opposing attnys cluelessness )

She HAD to ask "Where did that bruise come from?"
referring to a very small mark on my right forearm. Hmmm evidence in her mind of my battered status!
I answered her "I don't know. But considering I have multiple toddlers often clamoring and attatching themselves to me its likely from one of them. I get them all the time."

I realized the NEXT day, when Alexy was sinking her TEETH into my LEFT forearm that was most likely the source of that particular bruise. It hadn't occurred to me at the time as Alexy's choice of my flesh is USUALLY my left shoulder which she lately has taken to teething on.

I also realized AFTER leaving and then inspecting my also bruised riddled legs that it in fact HAS BEEN SOME TIME since I remembered to TAKE MY IRON SUPPLEMENT- which low and behold, one with borderline anemia REALLY SHOULD TAKE as prescribed. ESPECIALLY WHEN NURSING! I also realized its been some time since I took my daily MULTIVITAMIN! I was pleased to find I actually HAD some iorn left and they had just gotten shoved in the back of the medicine cabinet and then forgotten about since we moved here.

You see, since the NEW WESTELY has made a CONSIOUS EFFORT to not act PARENTAL of me in the NEGATIVE ways, his parental POSITIVE NURTURING has also changed. I admit it, I used to take my vitamins DAILY when he took them out and handed them to me EACH morn with juice along with the kids! He really was always SWEET in helping me with that! I wrote a funny poem YEARS ago about HATING My mom nagging me AS AN ADULT "ARE you taking your CALCIUM supplements" then getting off the phone to pop the first calcium supplement likely since her LAST nagging. Its a funny poem I really liked!

I told Westely of the nerve of the law guardian and how I couldn't believe her insinuation. He went shopping that night and came home with an ANGUS STEAK for the whole family. Thanks to AMEX he splurged! HE was really sweet about it saying he wanted to make sure I was getting enough iron.

See!! Thanks to Ms Hite I got the royal treatment of a fabulous dinner and am back to being responsible taking my daily vitamin and iron supplements.

And I really AM less tired than I was when not taking the iron! And I also should stop bruising at the slightest touch which is the indicator of anemia.

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