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2005-07-26 - 9:56 a.m.

YEAH!! I had sent an e-mail to STUDIO ARENA Theater School to inquire about details of Soren's preformance.

They called me back this morn and it turns out THAT KIDS 5 and under are FREE!! YEAH! THAT's FANTASTIC cash flow is our biggest problem temporarily.

The lady also said they got a volunteer so the box office WILL BE OPEN for the school preformances this weekend and they can hold the COMP ticket for me right there.


So all I need to do is confirm WHICH day I will be going with kids in tow and we can make it a PLAN to see Soren's show! This makes it MUCH easier for me to go ahead and make plans since I won't need to be reliant on getting CASH!

Westley just called and this is absolutely hysterical! I was typing a letter to CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT notifying them of my recent move to NY. Katie was playing with the TV remote. I told her "You aren't going to be able to get it to work" and she said "I'm just pretending"

So I said "OK You can do that."
and was letting her play with it.

Westely just sent a text message and my cell phone buzzed... I jsut called back. He was IN THE MIDDLE OF A PRESENTATION showing of the new technology of the SLINGBOX which he thinks IS VERY IMPORTANT in his industry. Its a box which enables control of cable tv REMOTELY, and enables one to watch TV ON THEIR PORTABLE COMPUTER

He said He was trying to do this presentation and Katie kept changing the channel!

I was hysterical! He told me he changed the parental lock ... and abruptly got off the phone as he was WHISPERING to me in the middle of the presentation Katie and I had barged in on!! I asked if he wanted to talk to KATIE... he said no and hung up fast to get back to his presentation

I told her DADDY CALLED to tell her to stop playing with the remote

I told the girls DADDY IS WATCHING YOU! They too thought it funny DADDY CALLED FROM A MEETING IN VA!!! He's in Herndon as I write toting the SLING and how they better get on the bandwagon with this FAST or get clobbered by it.

The girls are hysterical as I sing "Daddy is watching you... watching you... he's watching you ...watching you watching you."

And he thinks he doesn't have control issues! HA HA!!! This technology is MADE for people like him! Good thing we don't watch much TV to begin with! He did have fun playing with it the other day changing the channel on the girls from the other room. The possibilities for entertainment with that thing are enticing.

A few weeks ago when he brought it into work and set it up it went over VERY WELL. The only problem is that the big boss Westely introduced it to seems to like it SO MUCH that he's been DISTRACTED by watching CNBC during meetings. Its highly addictive!

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