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2005-08-01 - 11:27 a.m.

I shouldn't STILL BE PROCRASTINATING. I started on my TO DO LIST. I sat to clean my desk and the insisious evil lure of the internet beckoned.....

Read a few blogs, read of the LEXINGTON CO-OP in Buffalo where I fondly used to take Katerina and Soren for a lovely walk at least once a week.

Then found this great resource for finding CO-OPs

I hoped to find one near Syracuse. When in VA we GREW our own fresh produce and we had farms or farmers markets to visit. We also had the little store in HAMILTON VA where I could get FRESH milk in those glass bottles.... MMMMM... It really was good! My memory fails me now... but it was a lovely whole foods store. OVERPRICED but lovely.

IN NY now we have WEIGMANS. They offer great variety and are also overpriced!

Would love to find a co-op while not farming ourselves.

AM not going to look now. Will re-visit that site another day now that I have it saved. Enough procrastinating.

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