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2005-08-07 - 1:17 p.m.

Ideas for surviving the terrible twos:

DON't buy grapejuice or other dark colored juices EVER

Throw out all carpets so you just don't have to worry about them.

Plan on having floors scratched - then plan on refinishing in a few years.

Enjoy summer vacation! Take it at a nudist colony way in the woods so you can follow that advice of raising a happy healthy child with good self esteem! Just go with the toddler understanding which is natural: Clothes should be optional, right?

And kids should be allowed to run and play freely, right?

You can always then re-enter society AFTER your child outgrows the natural course of terrible twos!

Oh- and yes Raitlin not only tried to run outside at any given opportunity but does so in her underware. And when that bathing suit gets the least bit wet is very quickly stark naked regardless of WHERE she is.

Hey , if I only had ONE child in that stage one time, the appeal of that advice would indeed be strong!

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