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2005-08-24 - 9:41 a.m.

I found perhaps THE BEST resource for anyone seeking an OB/GYN

First- how I came across this in a typically ADD circuitous fashion while procrastinating when frustrated at the task at hand:

Task to do: Accomplish getting results of my ongoing quest for Daughter's Missing Immunization Record

ACCHIEVED: Phone Call to current pediatrician to prod them to work on this as well!

ATTEMPTED: To use the internet and find the OLD pediatrician group info. I FORGET the name of the DR who STARTED the practice. We only saw him a few times and he was a bit SNIPPY so we opted to see other Drs in the group. HOWEVER I THINK THE SNIPPY Dr. who STARTED the practice is perhaps the ONLY ONE we will get results from. HE CLEARLY won't accept POOR WORK from his office being that intolerant type, and being THE BOSS
WE need to escalate the situation to him

DISTRACTION: Couldn't FIND a web site or the needed DR. BUT instead found lots of other interesting things, like a WASHINGTON D.C. guide of"BEST OF" and then my OB/GYN's name showed up somewhere. I then thought "Hmm... funny he always uses his middle name." His first name isn't SO HIDEOUS (Although GAVIN is it, and yes its not so appealing of a name either)

I wondered if HE was easy to find on the internet, since the other DR is nowhere to be found. I then thought "WONDER if anything shows up with his self thought hideous full name rather than the middle he uses" And I was thinking maybe he delineates and uses the full name PERSONALLY and the middle PROFESSIONALLY I ALWAYS DO THESE SEARCHES FOR EVERYONE I KNOW HOPING TO FIND SOMETHING FUN LIKE PICTURES OF THEIR KIDS, Fun blogs etc.


My Dr. Showed up on a message board, then I did a search for his postings and read them. They had me CRACKING UP and understanding why I apprechiate my OB/GYN and have had four children comfortably cared for by him. HIS PHILOSOPHY IS SO CLEARLY compatible to mine. HE had some posting about being pressured by a NEONATAL at the hospital who let him know that ALL THE OTHER DRs were doing some test routinely now. HE wrote how he opted to STILL follow the CBC guidelines. On other postings he wrote things like the best pain management is what the patient is comfortable with. Regarding a test for Down Syndrome he wrote considering the inffectiveness of the test and the 1/600 chance of the illness and the # of anxiety producing false positives that he felt he could get better results using DRAINO. NOW I don't know if there REALLY is some scientific way to use DRAINO or if he is indeed exceedingly SARCASTIC. BUT EITHER WAY IT DOESN'T MATTER: I WAS HYSTERICAL AND I LOVED READING THIS ATTITUDE OF DISTASTE FOR ROUTINELY PROSCRIBED MEDICAL PROCEDURES THAT SEEM TO BE QUESTIONABLE IN THEIR EFFIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS!

HE also posted other things I laughed at which struck me as common sense.

IN ANY CASE I think it would be a GREAT RESOURCE FOR ANYONE to do a SEARCH BEFORE picking an OB/GYN at the above site! If lucky you can find a DR there that you are interested in seeing and REALLY GET A SENSE of whether or not their philosophy is consistent with your own!
Oh the benefits of the Internet!

BACK TO MY TASK AT HAND: NEED TO SCHEDULE THE LITTLE ONE'S FIRST YEAR VISIT BUT AM WAITING TO FIRST CLEAR UP THE IMMUNIZATION QUAGMIRE. WESTLEY'S ADVICE IS TO FIND OUT WHO THE GOVERNING BODY FOR PHYSICIAN'S IS and FILE A COMPLAINT ABOUT THE LOST RECORDS. He thinks that is the only way we will get results. LITTLE ALEXY is one and has not received her six month immunizations. ITS been over six months since we have been trying to get her records sent. OUR NEXT STEP is to pull the bills and see what the insurance company was billed for and piece together that as possible evidence of what she received so the DR her can continue with the immunizations rather than have to repeat them. THOSE RECORDS of ours are filed in VA so it has to be done on the next visit!

I think it is warrented to file an official complaint as this is THE SAME OFFICE THAT LOST RECORDS SENT TO THEM for KAterina and SOREN two years ago! I then confirmed they were sent to the VA office by the NY office where we had been during our Pittsford stint. THE NY office in fact has the receiving party sign and mail a postcard confirming receipt- and that was done. BUT THEN the VA OFFICE LOST THOSE FILES!

So this is the 2nd time that LOUDOUN PEDIATRIC has LOST medical records!

We also have a BILL here from LOUDOUN PED who billed us for their sent records. WESTLEY refuses to pay it until the records are complete. So I have to address that with them now as well so as to avoid it going to collection.

On a positive note of things done, I FOUND AND CALLED a Dr. For me the official screening and management of ADHD. (BUT got a machine and left a message!) But then on the negative side I AGAIN had a chest pain last night! It was actually RIGHT AFTER I was thinking/talking about Katerina. I swear its so obvious to me that these pains are stress related at moments when I am upset and worried about the older kids and about my lack of being able to do much for or with them.

So I have to find a physician FIRST to address my need for a general physical and a work up to check out my heart BEFORE I go to a specialist to consider medication for ADHD, so all care is integrated.

When I have had the chest pains I have taken asprin and then not nursed and ALEXY is just fine having a cup of milk, so that makes me feel like it is easy to wean her. Since I have had to hold off nursing because of the asprin in made me think I might as well just wean her to deal with the ADHD as well.

Back to the search for the Drs: one for me, and the one in VA who might actually CARE about the poor practices at his office!

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