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2005-08-25 - 9:27 a.m.

My brother in Orlando called me this morn to let me know he enjoyed a fantastic visit with Katerina and Soren and my parents on Mon at his home in Orlando.

He also told me he talked to Mom about an hour ago and that they had a great time at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS yesterday with the kids. HE said they went in a simulation of an EARTHQUAKE in SAN FRANCISCO (I am sure the kids were interested in that as their UNCLE my oldest bro now in ORLANDO had lived in SAN FRANCISCO for a number of years until moving to ORLANDO about 2 years ago)

AND Tommorrow the kids will experience a hurricane!

They are reportedly preparing to stay in my parents house in VERO BEACH so are ready for power loss and to monitor the situation. If they need to evacuate they will then all head to my oldest BRO's in Orlando.

So Katerina and Soren have experienced Tornados in Loudoun and now almost every storm except a monsoon!

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