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2005-09-08 - 12:28 p.m.

I went to the Dr. this morn and after only 45 minutes walked away with a prescription for 10 mg of Adderall. (However it's spelled. Its away out of reach of kids now)

Its almost scary how easy that was to get a prescription. No diagnosis No actual "testing" just ancedotal talking. The Dr. said that when he was in Med school years ago these particular drugs were not regulated and "we used to take them to stay up all night to study." He's an old guy... Likely 30 years in practice.

He told me that as a warning to take in the morn rather at night as the medication can interfere with sleep.

So I popped my first pill. We'll see if it has any noticable effect.

In other news Sadie was thrilled to start kindergarden yesterday! Her favorite part was the bus ride!

And Soren got lost in the big building of his first day at the School of the Preforming Arts. He missed the announcement when lunch ended as was confused as to where to go. Hmmm.... interesting.....

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