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2005-09-14 - 6:08 p.m.

CASE Dismissed this afternoon by the Loudoun court. They did have a preliminary hearing which apparently went on for some time. Then the judge suddenly announced "Case Dismmissed" much to Westley's relief.

The Commonwealth Attorney was pushing for CONTEMPT of Court Charges for non compliance of the order to take the class in Loudoun. Westley's attorney however had evidence of his letters indicating the reasons for his not being able to attend: The lack of cooperation of the county in refusing to enroll him, despite him sending a letter requesting they do so WITH a consent letter rather than the standard form that included things OTHER than what was agreed upon. The attorney attested that IT WAS BASED ON HIS PROFESSIONAL ADVICE that WESTLEY NOT SIGN ANY PAPERWORK WHICH WENT BEYOND THE REALM OF THE SETTLEMENT AND STRIPPED HIM OF RIGHTS. A follow up letter was presented informing of the course he did go to, and a request that if that WERE NOT ACCEPTABLE that they find one IN NY that WOULD BE ACCEPTABLE. As they never did so I think the Judge must have found it reasonable compliance with the terms of the settlement that Westley went to the weekend Anger Management here in NY.

So it was deemed that the marriage counseling both here and in NY and the Anger Management Course satisfied the court and the case has been dropped.

br> Westley caught a flight and will be home by 10pm tonight. I feel like we now have the chance to start anew so to speak. Time heals wounds and I have found that with time forgiveness also grows. I think the phase of ANGER is over in our relationship and has been replaced by one of loving acceptance of each other and greater self awareness. I had a WONDERFUL birthday this year! It was the first wonderful one in a while! Westely surprised me with a lovely personal gift of Mexican pottery which he knows I really like. He also had the girls work to earn allowance and they bought a decorative hanging with tiny little cups made of clay. They are both lovely and special, moreso as I know they are the kind of things WESTLEY DISLIKES, but that he realized I would enjoy! So I was touched! Our sixth anniversary is coming up this October. It will be one which I think we will both celebrate with a renewed sense of hope and love. I think the shroud of mistrust that the legal actions have contributed to will finally be broken.

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