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2005-09-20 - 5:47 p.m.

The potato experiment failed! I harvested 21 TINY potatoes between the size of my little finger and the width of my first two fingers.

That's all!

The plants that were in another area of the yard that couldn't be used for food as that area was sprayed with herbicide did A LITTLE bit better. But those potatoes are STILL really small and can't be eaten anyway!

HEre is the next gathering of food project as we do have at least three black walnut trees:

I think the squirrels can learn to share!

I hope to have better luck with this venture than the potatoe project! It made me think "We're not in Virginia anymore!" and miss it!

Westely reported that when he was there last that there were a number of acorn squash plants that had cropped up from last years planting. I had gone out to look and saw them as itty bitty plants when I visited there, so they apparently thrived and were not eaten by deer. Of course there is no one to enjoy the sqash now but the deer!

On a walk to the mailbox a few days ago I did stumble upon a beautiful Italian PLUM, purple and ripe and lovely! I looked up and noted a lovely fruit laden tree! Next to it were a few golden pear trees....they look like miniture yellow bartlett pears! I picked one up that was on the grass CLOSE to the sidewalk ("No SWIPING SWIPER".... but fortunately my girls were not with me as I snuck off to the mailbox for the quick walk during nap time so I couldn't set a bad example!)

I noted the house is a business and the sign said "something DESIGNS". It looked like an upscale clothier or interior decorator. The front yard is really beautiful! I hope they actually enjoy all the fruit for the eating as well as the aestetic beauty! They are just SO PERFECT as there are no deer running along the main road here to mar the trees and fruit! I look forward to the walk to that mailbox again!

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