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2005-09-21 - 9:10 p.m.


I read this as my desktop opened

and its one of those rare moments when I read a poem and it literally makes me cry.

Its a response to both the beauty and the pain of this poem.

I typically am not one for sexual imagry in poetry- unless, as in this case, it is so well done and subtle and MEANINGFUL that it moves me.

I am still not SURE I know what this poem means. Or I should say MEANT to the writer of it. It however will mean something different, and perhaps mean nothing to some, with each response as varied as the individuals who read it.

For me I myself couldn't have come up with a more accurate description of the place I have been in Virginia if I tried.

I knew from the first line it was written about Virginia. I was not surprised in the least to later read the bio and see that indeed is where the writer is from.

There is so much I could say about this piece. But I think for now I am just going to process it.

And reread it.

And I am still crying. For so many things that it evokes for me.

And I think that is in fact very good as I am not one to easily cry.

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