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2005-10-05 - 2:14 p.m.

Look what I saw when I opened up my e-mail today:

OK- with that discount I have to agree the reconditioned DYSON is a better deal than the ORECK which I still think is a great vacume. I have to admit that the ORECK just doesn't compare.... but I thought it wouldn't be worth the price difference for most people!

Heck we don't ALL want all the world to become asmatic because of NO EXPOSURE to allergans? So lets home not EVERYONE buys a DYSON! Really... the latest theory is that asthma may be linked to lack of exposure to allergans in early years when the immune system is developing.

MY MOM Loves that theory since I have had asthma since a child! We joke how it was due to her fastidious housecleaning.

Hmmm... Seriously, I wonder if my mom even HAS a vacume??? Maybe not... this might be a nice gift idea for her.

Yesterday was a school holiday for the first day of YOM KIPPOR (I think?) or some other Jewish holiday if I got that wrong. We went Here:

The girls has a blast SWIMMING! It was SO WARM OUT that I thought it a lovely day to bring them to the BEACH PARK as they call it. We haven't been there in a while, as we went often during the FREE SEASON, then waited for the summer PAID season to end before going back. In the past we have spent time on the playground. I have been lucky to find a cool MONKEY HARNESS for Raitlin who at times is just out of contol. So armed with that I was confident enough I could take them to the beach without return home with less children than arriving with!

Raitlin did have one moment early on in our arrival when she ran directly into the lack, completely oblivious that it was getting deeper and oblivious that she was running farther and farther away as she chased the seagulls that were taking off in flight. She had been wearing the Monkey for a while when we first arrived until I thought she understood the RULES of where to play. She had that one moment of not being aware of them, but she came back and was given the warning that if she ran off again she would lose the freedom to play any further than the length of the MONKEY's restraining TAIL! It really is the cutest little thing and she actually Loves the little monkey on her back.
She of course took it OFF when we arrived at the car one day after using it, and handed it to me, and I knew then that she actually can undo the buckles herself which reduces it's effectiveness! Fortunately she seems to LIKE it so hasn't even thought to try to do that at the times its been used. She just took it off when done walking through the parking lot. Fortunately ALSO the monkey could always be used BACKWARDS with it in front of her! We did that one day at her request as she wanted to HUG HIM.

After the bird chasing run into the lake, Raitlin needed to be reminded only once more not to wander too far. She was enthralled with all our beach toys, and the shared ones of a little boy who was excited to play with her.

I thought we would just wade a bit, as it is not swimming season and there is no lifeguard. The lake however is so mild and shallow for quite a while, so it was perfect for the girls "swimming" and playing along the shore.

Katie made up a song as she rolled in the wet sand from head to toe:
"i"m a squirmy wormy"

The biggest challenge was getting everyone rinsed and dressed then getting their feet rinsed and sandled and keeping them out of the sand on the way to the car! We managed pretty well though!

When I came home I pulled out the new vacume and threw on an attachment and really did apprechiate that I vacumed the sand out of the car EASILY!

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