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2005-10-07 - 4:21 p.m.

THIS stinks! Westley's boss scheduled a meeting in ORLANDO for him TODAY. He has to leave MON NIGHT to be there first thing TUE MORN. This happened at 3pm LAST FRI so I had to take off work!

I am FINALLY consistently scheduled only MON And FRI night overnights at TARGET.

I was pleased my supervisor was so flexible in taking me off last MON night with last minute notice! I tried to get someone to switch shifts with but couldn't find anyone! But I don't expect them to be so flexible ALL THE TIME!

I hope this job works out for me. I REALLY NEED It but it would be frustrating to have to get babysitting as to pay for a sitter makes it really not worth much! If I can work a few shifts a week it is just enough to pay off the attorney!

But I think I need to reserve some money to FIND a sitter so that I can maintain my job... even if it means that the nights WESTLEY has to travel and I have to go in with a sitter here that I don't have any SHORT TERM finanical gain, it would be BETTER for the LONG TERM of maintaining my job!

I think I will ask some of the ladies at work who I have gotten to know as they might apprechiate a supplemental sitting job where they can SLEEP and be here just in case of an emergency. (Even the baby sleeps through the night!) I do have an arrangement that my hours at TARGET are only on schedule until 6am so I can be home to take care of the kids (who all typically get up AFTER then). They were ALSO great about letting me leave early this MON as Westley had to catch a 6am flight!

When I work tonight I will also post a note on the employee message board with my number for anyone to call me if they need last minute coverage as when WESTELY is not traveling I can then pick up some extra shifts. I just can't COMMIT to them ahead of time due to his frequent business travel during the week. There were FOUR call ins last SAT night. I was already on the schedule that night, but with the oncoming winter flu season approaching maybe if I am flexible and available on short notice for CALL INS it will make it worth it for management to keep me on despite my need for flexibility on their part.

I hope to be an asset as an employee and not unreliable.

So we made a plan to drive all together to VA tommorrow after I get home from work. I'll sleep while WESTELY drives. Then we'll visit on SUN and MON there with whoever is available. I hope the girls enjoy it! Then on Mon night I'll take Westely to Dulles and drive

SHIT I was going to say drive home on TUE

I forgot about a field trip I planned on taking Katie to on TUE MORN!

Hmmmm.... Westely could go himself. He can drive himself and fly in and out of Dulles and switch the cars as one reason for the trip is to leave his car there and come back up with the VOLVO which is a better car to drive in the winter here in NY with snow.

OR I could just nix the field trip and let Sadie skip school on TUE, or I could drive back on MON. Westely offered to drive back WITH US and I honestly said "PLEASE don't. We relax and have a nice trip when not rushed! I ENJOY travel with the girls and you find it stressful! So I'll be happy to take the drive back alone - just not at night!"

UGHH.... Off to call him back and tell him I forgot about that field trip! I am inclined to STILL make the trip and come back MON. Even if only available to visit on SUN only it would still be nice and then I would be sure to get the VOLVO back! I have been WAITING for that to use it for my next BUFFALO trip as the gas mileage of the other vehicle we have here makes it really expensive! Once the VOLVO is here it will be more managable to drive to BUFFALO for visits (as it gets about 26 miles to the gallon as oppossed to 13!) and I'd like to get at least one trip there, and maybe even a few in before snow falls!

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