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2005-10-07 - 5:14 p.m.


Talked to Westley who got a 5pm flight out of Dulles on MON. I had planned on driving him to the airport then anyway, so it makes sense to just continue on to NY then after dropping him off. That was Katie can attend her much anticipated field trip to the pumpkin farm on TUE and I can be here TUE morn to meet the also much anticipated ORKIN MAN! I was attempting to outsmart the mice who have showed up and haven't done very well!

They showed up a few weeks ago and as Westley predicted it really was just a waste of money for him to buy mice control stuff at the hardware store. THe pros will be much more aggressive and by the time we were to buy all the stuff they use we would have spend the same to do the dirty work ourselves!

So we'll drive tommorrow and enjoy SUN and MON morn in VA. AT minimum it will be worth it to switch the cars and have my VOLVO here. I hope we might also get a visit in as well with friends or family!

Westely suggested we go to the NEWSEUM on Sunday as we have never been there.

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