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2005-10-11 - 11:56 a.m.

I hope I am not too trusting!

I became aware of a sitution at work through some co-workers who became friends with the cleaning crew (who are not TARGET employees but a subcontractor). That company only hires employees who are immigrants with very poor english, all spanish speaking. The staff all have valid work visas. The however said that they were being stiffed on pay! Their employer paid them for 1/4 of the hours they had works for WEEKS. They basically are here on VISAS sponsered by THAT EMPLOYER (or possibly not... but then ILLEAGAL) Either way have little power or leverage in addressing the issue!

I heard of this when the whole cleaning crew was gone and I inquired what happened to them. Two gals I work with had been friends with them and told me. They said one moved to a rural area not that far and found another job and the others are all traveling down to FL where they heard reports of jobs. She told me of how they were stiffed pay.

I called the store manager today to make him aware of the situation with his SUBCONTRACTOR trusting he will care about this problem!

Like I started off... I hope I am not too trusting. I haven't yet been working my 90 day probation period and am all too aware that often when someone doesn't like a message they take it out on the messenger!

I felt it most TACTFUL to call him personally so he has the knowledge and can take responsibility. I did note that this is likely not a new problem and likely a systematic one in the cleaning industry. So I understand how he might be frustrated by it. One co-worker whose husband works overnight in a supermarket said that is status quo.
I trust thought that if TARGET is truly an ethical company that they will have some clout to put pressure on the subcontractor and not ignore it. They could always hire a new sub,and if all else fails stop outsourcing! THis is too large of a human rights violation to be ignored and I'd hope they'd like to further distinguish themselves from WALMART!

And that dimwit marriage counselor pastor in Fayetteville said "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IMMIGRATION LAW HERE?? " He really didn't believe me when I assured him this economy, like most, had those little "Fairys" that come clean up at night like magic... and that they are immigrants who fuel our economy with cheap labor. I am OK with that- but NOT WITH FREE LABOR!!

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