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2005-11-06 - 8:49 a.m.

This is what happens if you DON"t send $ to the folks: They keep trying!

My October Letter:

" CONGRATULATIONS! Out of literally thousands of entrants you have been awarded the Third Prize in the International Poetry OPEN Competition for September 2005. Enclosed you will find your prize, a beautifully engraved bronze Award Medallion and display case"

MY November Letter:

"I am delighted to inform you that your poem has been awarded our pretigious Editor's Choice Award because it displays a unique perspective and original creativity- judged to be the qualities found in most exceptional poetry"

AS WELL as the qualities found in all SHITTY writing and medicocre blogs as well...Oh and this months letter also comes with the opportunity to have my poem recorded for their new poetry CD collection.

HA HA!!!!

This is such a fun source of entertainment for me. I don't get out much.

I hope their fun letters keep coming or I'll have to crank out another bad poem for amusement!

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