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2005-11-26 - 1:41 p.m.


At 6:10 pm last night, after napping because he felt tired, Westley ran to the bathroom ill-- and lunch was revisited in the most unpleasant way.

I called in to work at 6:15 pm at his request to be home to care for him and the girls!

I say UH OH now as I just prepared lunch for the girls while Westely sleeps, and I just realized MY SENSE OF SMELL AND TASTE ARE DULL!

Westely fortunately was able to eat toast at around 3am and then eat 2 eggs and toast at 12:30 today but is still excessively tired.

I just made TACOS with beef which I HAD to use as it was thawed and I don't want it to go bad. When I cooked it it didn't smell FUNNY to me-- as much as it didn't seem to have any smell at all which I thought strange. I in fact ate some of the meat by itself FIRST and waited just a few minutes to make sure it was OK before feeding the girls. Westely said "It seemed really red and looked good so I am sure it's fine" so I sat them all down and we ate together. I heaped HOT TACO SAUCE on mine and had the WEIRDEST sensation. I didn't TASTE much--or SMELL much, but my sinuses cleared and I had to get a tissue (an effect I often have from Hot food) and then I had this weird physical sensation of the TINGLING on my tongue-- BUT NO FLAVOR or SMELL!


So now I am worried that this strange dullness of taste and smell is a precursor of the fun that Sadie and Westely have experienced!

Wesley feels alot better.

But I give it a 50/50 chance I actually make it to work tonight which I am scheduled for as I volunteered last MON when my boss asked if anyone could pick up SAt night!

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