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2005-12-01 - 5:19 p.m.

I am OH SO EXCITED! Today the girls asked to walk to the library after we had walked Sadie to the bus stop. After enjoying time there, where they played a few Preschool computer games, worked on puzzles, colored and I read stories to them, we walked back. We were a little too early to meet the bus, so I extended our walk by strolling toward the little village area of town. I walked to the dance studio thinking maybe they would have some upcoming holiday recitals that we could attend. I thought the girls would have a blast and even though we don't know anyone dancing there we could just sneak in and enjoy a preformance!

There wasn't any information about preformances OUTSIDE or within distance inside for me to read. I did note on the bulletin board congratulations to a student who received a part in a professional ballet of Sleeping Beauty to be put on soon.

I picked up the information on classes, hesitating as I HAVE THIS INFORMATION SOMEWHERE in my desk ALREADY.

But then I took it again, thinking it will be good to look at it and plan ahead and see what is available. I really would love to take an adult ballet class. The Friday night class we had looked in on seemed to be fun but after watching it a few times it didn't seem like what I am looking for.I also noted there were mostly COUPLES taking that class-- so it wasn't the INDIVIDULISTIC type of dance I would enjoy! It rather seemed like a class of couples out to have fun dancing together-- wonderful, but not what I am looking for.

I really was thinking I'd get info on Adult BALLET and thinking I could plan and maybe NEXT SEPTEMBER when they start classes anew it would be a good time to pick it up. I was thinking I can SAVE and BUDGET for not only the classes but also a sitter! We did have a good experience with the one sitter I found! I need to find MORE available- but that will be an easier task here than it was in rural LOUDOUN where the economy was really too good for there to be that many people willing to watch 4 kids!

I just sat down and read the info and found ADULT BALLET-- There it is- listed for SATURDAYS from 11:45 -1:15pm.
And there is the note NEXT to that class :

WOW!!! I can't even describe just how that makes me feel .


That gives me enough time to make this happen, but is not so far away that I'll have to wait that long!

And I still can't get over the tuition! IT says $480 FOR THE YEAR for a 90 minute class! NOW since this class starts in JAN rather than SEPT that would be prorated.

* I just called and found out that it is $15 to drop in and try the class out, and they do allow a purchase of a PUNCH CARD of 10 classes. It seems like the instructor is flexible with adults knowing that due to family and work commitments it is not always possible to come in every week.

I also asked about what kind of experience the in the SAT class is intended for. It turns out she has a MON night class which may move slower and be better for beginner or less experienced dancers which I fall in the category of. She said it will come back if I have danced, but my experience was not very intensive (MArgie my HS dance teacher would cringe at that!)

I WORK on MON nights, And I work on FRI nights as well. I am thinking it might be better to take a class BEFORE going to work on MON rather than Sat after working Fri night anyway! Although I wouldn't have time for a nap before work it might still work out if I could get a nap every MON afternoon. IF really needed I could possibly take a SHORT nap between the class and my night shift that starts at 10:30pm.

Classes start on JAN 7th. I only need $15 and a babysitter to show up for that first class to try it out!


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