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2005-12-01 - 10:19 a.m.

Damn I did it again - wrote then hit tha ADD AN ENTRY button rather than the DONE button as I CAN'T SEE that one on the screen when I finish writing but have to SCROLL to find it-- and therefore go for the wrong one!

EXCELLENT what I COPIED to post is still here! I wanted to at least preserve this non sent e-mail after spending time writing it in response to CLASSMATE.COM's misleading boast that "NEW E-MAIL FOR ALL MEMBERS" THAt would REALLY MEAN E-MAIl for all PAYING MEMBERS in a marketing enticement to try to GET YOU CHEAPSKATES who use our service FOR FREE to actually PAY AFTER YOU SPEND TIME writing e-mail to a long lost friend and then can't emotionally bear the pain of NOT BEING ABLE TO SEND IT.

Do you think that's a good marketing plan? Pull on the emotional heart stings of folk and hope that is the dominant feelings overriding ANGER at being deceivingly mislead by tricky advertising?
Hmmm.... Maybe I am just not that emotionally connected as other people. I don't even really FEEL ANGRY that it didn't work. I just feel like I shouldn't ever financially support deceiveing advertisers. Its an ethical choice to not encourage such evil behaviour! So here is the e-mail I can't send. Since I don't even REMEMBER the gal I was trying to respond to -- well then perhaps that was why it was easy for me to not be too upset I couldn't mail it! But in hindsight, I thought of ANOTHER REASON I CAN'T REMEMBER HER-- MAYBE THE E-MAIL I GOT WAS ITSELF GENERATED BY CLASSMATES.COM who grabbed a name of my classmate from my graduation year and sent an OSTENSIBLE HELLO pretending it to be from HER as an ENTICEMENT to get me to want to PAY. COULD EVIL MARKETING GO SO FAR? HMMM.... DO I SENSE A LAWSUIT HERE IF THAT WAS DONE??? I WONDER IF ANYONE ELSE HAS RECEIVED SUCH E-MAILS from unknown CLASSMATES? ANd I wonder if that type of evil marketing ploy would actually WORK???? I bet its law of averages A certain amount of time the random picking of a name to generate an e-mail from would match up with people who REALLY DID KNOW EACH OTHER. It is so brilliantly evil that I think that in fact is REALLY LIKELY what they are doing. AND HOW COULD ONE PROVE that they had any real LOSS That they should recover? I mean EVEN IF SOMONE FORKS OVER THE FEE FOR CLASSMATES-- whatever it is, it would be LESS THAN THE COST OF A FILING FEE to sue FOR WHAT? NOT EMOTIONAL DAMAGE IF THEY REALLY DO RE-connect with an old friend. MAYBE there could be a suit to stop such evil marketing if they HAPPEN to send an ostensible e-mail from someone who was REALLY HIDEOUS to someone in HS. So the marketing ploy-- If I am correct in this being one is worth the RISK despite the evilness of some seeming breach of privacy of using someone's name without their permission.

Well here's my unsent e-mail to my unknown classmate. And maybe I really just have an overactive imagination and she really did remember me and really did "HAVE TO WRITE YOU " as my received message said!

Subject: HI!

Hi Thanks for your friendly greeting which you sent some months ago! Congrats on your new baby boy ! I have to admit I got your message and had NO RECOLLECTION of who you were! But don't take that personally- if you knew me at Sacred Heart you likely recall me as either a. the flighty bookish classmate who was really smart in class but often ran in late asking "What day is it?" as I never could remember where we were in that A to F day cycle... or b. You knew me from Debate where I thrived despite obvious disorganization! But when competitions are based on anything EXTEMPORANEOUS I AM HAPPY! I always felt bad for all those who WORKED REALLY HARD AHEAD OF TIME whose research I basically got the benefit of on the tournament van rides as they briefed me and then I WON! That so aggrevated the coaches... but I never realized it at the time! (But hey - I was a valuable contributing team member even if I was too busy working a job after school to partake in research!) OR c. Perhaps you knew me as a fellow preformer in Theater troop! I SO LOVED THAT! (I think that's what it was called- when we went to the nursing homes to entertain the folks) or other arts venture.
OR d. FATHER FARLEY'S OFFICE which was a wonderful place to hang out. (HE WAS THE BEST! ) And I really apprechiated the prayer groups we had as students- somthing which I think was really special and unique about Sacred Heart.
I really loved school and couldn't understand why SISTER KATHY was always seeming so ANGRY AT ME (when I honestly got confused and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong times!) Memorable moment: HER screaming at me "ARE YOU ON DRUGS" and me quietly retorting back "NO sister ARE YOU? YOUR the one losing it." I recovered myself by then adding it was clear no one would INTENTIONALLY CUT Sister what her names class (SEE I CAN'T RECALL NAMES! BUT IF I saw your picture I would remember you!) The nun referred to was the little old HISTORY teacher who was known for her unforgiving strictness. Turns out that although smart I am as ADHD as ANYONE CAN BE. I think Sr Kathy either figured that out or just plain gave up and no longer was annoyed with me when I started winning on the debate team. Strange correlation there-- I guess once she figured out I was a school team player and offering something and actually achieving in some sense she gave up on trying to make me responsibly where I was suppossed to be all the time, or stopped worrying about me if that was it. She then would literally say a kind HELLO if I was wandering the hall by the time I hit senior year without so much as ASKING ME WHERE I BELONGED. It's true- by the time senior year rolled around I LOVED SCHOOL and when I occassionally got confused she literally left me alone. There were great advantages to this- as I REALLY DID sneak out of school on a few occassions when there were early classes ending, or when I had FREE MODS that happened to fall at the end of the day! Bye now!

OH-- and I also just sent A REAL E-MAIL ITS GOOD TO BE IN NY! IF ONLY BECAUSE WE HAVE SPITZER HERE! HE's a MAN WHO GETS STUFF DONE! I also have great respect for him as the newspaper here noted his frugality in highlighting that he was wearing THE SAME SHOES in every photo found of him over the past few years! Reminds me of my DAd (and Me and Westely!) He likely has a closet with only a few suits as well! HERE IT IS WITH EDITING TO OMIT REDUNDENCY: Thank You for submitting the suspicious offer you received to the New York State Office of the Attorney General. The following information has been submitted: URL: allegedly had an email from a former classmate to me. Complaint: CLASSMATE.COM's is advertising a misleading boast that "NEW E-MAIL FOR ALL MEMBERS" THAT would REALLY MEAN E-MAIl for all PAYING MEMBERS ... ... Thought your office might possibly find this of interest. Submitted: 12/01/2005 You will be receiving an email from us shortly. Your comments will be reviewed by the Internet Bureau staff and kept on file for future reference. In the event that this type of issue develops into a pattern, your efforts may help us in aiding other affected individuals. Internet Bureau Main Page -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Return to the Office of the Attorney General's Home Page Click here to review the AG's Privacy Policy

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