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2005-12-14 - 1:27 p.m.

I have an interview for the legal assistant job tommorrow morning!

It is part time two days a week at a place I would be proud to work!

(OOPS if I mentioned WHERE I APPLIED previouly.... Have to go back to edit as if I GET THE JOB I can MAKE NO MENTION OF WHERE I WORK on this site!)

Westley told me that his co-worker had a reference for a sitter. He himself said he was excited for me that I got the interview but that he had people coming in town from out of the country to meet him for a 9am meeting so he can not go in late tommorrow. He was helpful in offering to take one of the girls to work with him! (Which I don't really think is a good idea-- but it made him redeem himself in my mind after him complaining about "sitting" for me this weekend!) He's TRYING to be supportive although he admits he'd PREFER If I didn't work at all!
So I got the info from Westely's co-worker about the sitter and called her and she is available tommorrow! I was so excited about the job interview that it didn't occur to me to ask her if she can sit FRI as well so I can leave for Buffalo as planned. I will ask her tommorrow though (unless Westley changes him mind and decides to take off work AS PLANNED on FRIDAY and watches all the girls. He said last night that he is going into work on FRI and I would have to leave after he is home at 6pm.)

This is great though, as if he likes the sitter maybe he can use her when I am gone and then maybe he won't be such a jerk about acting like its a big deal when I am gone! That complaining drives me nuts! I should be able to go away for a weekend without it being a crisis. Heck he goes out of town REGULARLY without it being a crisis- even if that does mean the house gets a bit messier without his help picking it up and motivating the girls to clean up. (They do become more cooperative for him than me!)

I am sick of him acting like its a burden when I take off. I don't give him a guilt trip when he leaves!

AND I DO KNOW SOME WOMEN WHO DO THAT! Some can't handle it when their spouse is gone and they lose it. I understand that this LEGITIMATELY is a fair complaint for some who had a bunch of kids TOGETHER expecting that they would have the support of a spouse, and not expecting their significant other to be GONE ALL THE TIME. I don't have that gripe! I ENJOY when WESTELY is gone, and I APPRECHIATE WHEN HE IS HERE how the household runs smoother, how I am more organized. I never seem to lose my keys when he is here- as if I set them down in some strange spot of the Impeccible home (since he can't handle it a mess) HE NOTICES and he POINTS IT OUT so I then put them away on the hook where I can actually find them the next time I plan on leaving.

Westely is traveling now and returns late tonight.

I now have to continue cleaning THE WRECK OF A HOUSE which I always let slide when he is gone. the poor kids have the house go from one extreme to the other! Maybe there is some balance in that?

I hope to find my keys in the process of cleaning! I clearly HAD TO HAVE BROUGHT THEM IN THE HOUSE when we returned home yesterday!

Yesterday I was proud to at least have WRAPPED and PREPARED to mail Christmas packages yestersday (even if done at 5:15, just a bit too late to mail)
I hoped to make it to the post office today-- but need to find the keys to do that!

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