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2006-01-03 - 11:56 a.m.

Westely called to say that there was a billing error on our ostensibly free phone service. This is suppossed to be a job perk, but the carrier claims we REQUESTED a service of voice mail which is not included. The company he works for believed that was to be included, but as its a third party phone provider in order to most easily resolve the dispute and not run up any other charges Westely decided to just have the line here SHUT OFF.

Of course he didn't DISCUSS this with me.

He just called me to tell me that someone may show up to switch out the router. I guess the one we have linked to the TV and leaves a message on the screen every time a call is coming in- and that is a different piece of hardware.

Whatever the deal... I think it a shitty thing to do WHEN I AM WAITING FOR A CALL in response to a job interview!

The VA line via VONAGE will be in use here . So I called the place I interviewed with to
1. Inquire if a determination was made yet (AND NO- NOT YET WHICH IS GOOD NEWS!)

2. To LEAVE MY CURRENT CONTACT # with the apology for the inconvienience.

At least I haven't heard anything as they haven't hired yet. That's the good news!

I am hopeful I'll get an offer. I have a few things in my favor:

OoPS I Can't write some of them without GIVING AWAY where I interviewed... so I will leave the specifics unsaid!

I will be VERY CAREFUL if I DO GET THIS JOB to make NO REFERENCE TO IT IN MY WRITING !! AT ALL!! I'll have to go back to paper journaling if I have any work related issues to vent about via writing.

I think that is the only fair PROFESSIONAL thing to do.

Off to round up the girls who are playing in the wonderful FENCED in YARD. With the SNOW piled up that I INTENTIONALLY did not shovel near the GATE, there is NO WAY for them to get out of the backyard. So its good safe space I can send them for a few moments of play outside. Its actually drizzling a little- but they are all bundled and are not bothered by that at all! Its warm and they are having a blast making snow angels in the rain. They were excited to have the snow to return home to.They also made a snowman in the drizzling rain. Kids are a blast!

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