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2006-01-24 - 11:17 p.m.

I was SO VERY EXCITED on Friday when I ran out to the post office at 3:55 pm and observed A SCHOOL BUS STOP from our school district stop DIRECTLY on our street (about 10 blocks from home) in order to DROP OFF CHILDREN who attend a child care center there! AH HA.... so it IS NOT a CONSISTENT school transportation "procedure" that the bus DOES NOT STOP on the main road!

I look forward to writing my letter outlining how excited I am to see that the district busses indeed DO STOP on the main road as it would most obviously not be in the interest of all the little ones at that particular day care to be carted out with staff in inclement weather in order to walk blocks to meet OTHER kids being dropped off by bus to the day care. (AND Clearly it would not be reasonable to expect the staff COULD LEAVE THE KIDS INSIDE ALONE!)
Likewise it is ALSO not in my three children who are under age 4's interest to have to go outside twice daily in such conditions in order to accompany their sister to the bus. I will of course be sure to mention SOMETHING about how I APPRECHIATE that I am sure the district will recognize that changing my daughter's stop is in the interest of not only what is best for my children, BUT BEST FOR THEM TO MEET THEIR LEGAL OBLIGATION OF ACTUALLY PROVIDING BUS SERVICE since it is UNREASONABLE to "offer" bus service to a 5 year old which is too far for her to safely get to by herself! (THAT IS IN FACT WHY NEW YORK STATE PASSED A LAW Such THAT ALL CARS MUST STOP FOR BUSSES: SO THAT THE BUSSES CAN IN FACT STOP TO PICK UP KIDS SAFETLY ON ALL STREETS, REGARDLESS OF HOW BUSY THOSE STREETS ARE!)

(BUT BEFORE I WRITE THAT LETTER I HAD BETTER PAY A VISIT TO THE TOWN OFFICE TO REVIEW NYS LAW! I am not quite sure if transportation is a RIGHT in NEW YORK or a PRIVALEGE and indeed that distinction MIGHT make a difference in the teeth of that argument!)

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