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2006-01-25 - 3:31 p.m.

I am excited to realize that it has already been six months since I have been working to pay off my attorney debt.
This month I am starting to pay back my big BRO who was so generous in helping me out! (I think.... Maybe... have to review my paycheck this Fri and then I'll know if I have enough to send him. My accounting hasn't really been done yet! I did however have a very successful E- BAY auction of an old shortwave radio that is apparently a collector item so that gave me a nice extra check this month!)

No call from the prospective place of employment for any legal secretary job : ( Oh well...

On to Plan B. I guess that means I have to try to increase income SOME OTHER WAY and ACTUALLY STUDY again for that BAR EXAM. I TRIED to land the PRACTICAL job where the work WOULD BE STUDY enough, but alas that hasn't panned out, so I think I just HAVE TO CRACK THOSE BOOKS AND TAPES YET AGAIN!

I am hopeful though as I am newly medicated! (WELL ITS been three months now!) ANd if all I read is accurate I should actually have a different experience when studying. (AS IN I might actually stay awake, focused and retain SOMETHING!)
So I guess its enough procrastingating putting off that inevitable work if I want that BAR EXAM.

In persuing other options I also called an AD for a PRESCHOOL looking for an ASSISTANT TEACHER to inquire if they would ever consider hiring a teacher who would require enrolling their children concurrently in order to work.

I like what I know of the place. Its one of the schools that MR SONGFLOWER MAN WORKS AT (I didn't know that! I just came across this when looking the particular program up on the web!) NPR just ran a story on him:

I ALSO happened to have noted that THE VERY BEST BOOKS at our little local library happen to have been donated by this particular school! (I was sure to point that out to the secretary as to why I would be interested in working there!)

In particular, I just can't say enough about how marvelous this book is that I noted the school donated to the library:

I look forward to finding other books by the author.

I am just happy today at the possibility of preschool and employment! It Might not be feasible as It would entatil getting a sitter for the 15 month old (I think she is too young for their school!) THEY ALSO DO NOT OFFER ANY TUITION DISCOUNT so it might not work out! However, it may be possible- -so I am going to send off a cover letter and resume and look foward to getting more info from them as well.
If I could convince WESTELY this is a good idea it would offer opportunity for SOCIALIZATIOn and involvement in what seems to be a very nice community! NOt only for the GIRLS but for ME AS WELL!
I would just LOVE THAT!

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