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2006-02-06 - 12:30 p.m.

I talked with the PRE K teachers of Raitlin and KAtie this morn to find out if they ever found their behavior out of developmental norm such that it was a disruption to the other kids enjoyment of PRESHOOL or a disruption to their ability to provide the service of classes to the kids. THey said "NO! THERE are lots of kids that have trouble sitting still"

That is in fact the primary problem with Raitlin.

I then told them of the library issue and they AGREED with me that it seems that it is NOT REASONABLE for the libary to try to restrict our access to a program DESIGNED FOR PRESCHOOLERS. They also felt it was APPROPRIATE FOR ME TO LEAVE THE OLDER KIDS WHEN I TAKE THE 16 month old out of the room so she is not disruptive!

The said "That seems like a very logical and courteous thing to do"

They agreed it doesn't seem like LACK OF SUPERVISION to allow my children FREEDOM within the confines of the Children's area and said "Isn't that what that area is designed for?"

They did not however hear of any complaints of OTHER parents about the library, but said it seemed reasonable for me to fight it if I wanted. They also suggested just going to the next town over, but then were also very sympathetic as they realized we enjoy WALKING to the library and the community center and chose our house based on its proximity to both!

I have to finish my letter then decide how to proceed.

But I do know this: ON THu I am dropping off KAtie at Pre K then taking the other two girls to the story hour then. EDITED TO ADD: I PLANNED ON Taking the girls THU as it was a SPECIAL story hour and not the REGULAR one we had been attending. I figured they couldn't claim it was the program we were banned from, however instead after dropping KATIE off at PRE K I instead decided "WHAT THE HECK- WE ARE GOING" on WED to the one we HAVE been attending! After all THE REASON I GO TO THAT IS FOR RAITLIN. TO GO WHEN SHE IS NOT WITH ME MISSES THE WHOLE POINT OF GOING! I GO WITH HER AS SHE NEEDS TO GO TO THOSE STRUCTURES SOCIAL EVENTS WHERE SHE CAN PRACTICE SOCIALLY APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR! AND I'LL DAMN WELL FIGHT FOR MY ABILITY TO CONTINUE TO TEACH HER THOSE NORMS BY GOING! THAT'S THE WHOLE DAMN POINT! IF SHE WERE A PERFECTLY BEHAVED CHILD WE WOULD HAVE NO NEED FOR IT!! I read enough at home. The OTHER secret that the idiot librarians haven't figured out is THAT RAITLIN CAN READ!! So frankly she doesn't NEED THEM TO READ TO HER EITHER! When working on reading with the older girls we all noticed that RAITLIN was the one who caught on fastest! She, who they see as such a problem, happens to have a better sight vocabulary than her five year old big sister, and is quicker at anticipating words in PRE READING skills so I no longer have her sit with us when I am working with her oldest sister (so as to not frustrate her!) I work with each INDEPENDENTLY. Its really ironic. Westely at some level thinks some of these programs are a waste of time as they take away FROM WHAT HE SEES AS MORE IMPORTANT EDUCATIONAL PURSUITS. However I disagree-- and think EVEN IF the content isn't as useful or exciting or worthwhile, and even if I disagree with some parameters of expectations, it is VERY IMPORTANT to teach ALL THE GIRLS to LEARN TO FOLLOW THE SOCIAL NORMS OF A GROUP EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T AGREE (Except if the MORALLY object!) Which is WHY I take them to the story hour WHICH IS NOT MY STYLE at all as it is a great skill to learn to RESPECT the authority and rules of leaders you don't agree 100% from. You can often learn something from them! However, that is TO THE POINT YOU DON'T MORALLY OR ETHICALLY OBJECT... and in this case, I OBJECT to the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Of the library yielding her power based on some feeling of me having been offensive to her PERSONALLY by then ATTACKING MY RIGHT TO USE THE LIBRARY WITH MY KIDS ! That is not the kind of "respect" for authority I will sanction!

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