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2006-02-15 - 9:56 a.m.


Westley assured me that he REALLY did just forget to get my prescription when I directly asked if he intentionally didn't get it and was unsupportive of me receiving treatment.

I was pleased when he said "No that's not it at all, I really just forgot. " AND that he wasn't defensive about the question either! (Which is a good thing! He did after all complain about it at one point when talking about how much it cost and asking if I really thought it was needed! He also said that he thought I shouldn't take it based on the reports of increased heart attacks when on this medication. I told him that was why I went to a CARDIOLOGIST BEFORE starting the prescription)

I think he also actually DOES see the benefits and recognizes it is helpful. I pointed out that studies show that this decreases the # of ACCIDENTS of people with ADHD. (And considering I have had more than a few car accidents and need to ensure safety of the children as well as myself, I told him I thought that benefit outweighs the risk of heart problems>)

I am actually holding to the 5 min limit now as I have to nap. I worked last night to get the money for a few incidentals such as : dinner at the THAI restaraunt , and ice skating, and Westely's valentine gift of emptyining his closet of all those wrinkled shirts that I carted off to the cleaners for their special of $1.29 per shirt! Considering neither he nor I like to iorn, and rarely ever do, I thought that a nice gift! He gave me a DELICIOUS Chocolate Raspberry Torte from Weigmans! I was happy!

Kids are now watching the Valentine kid shows I saved yesterday to ensure a nice nap this AM. I have 45 minutes before we have to pick Katie up from Preschool.

Nite Nite! Oh I was THRILLEd to find the softest brown cords on CLEARANCE in men's (as they had one lone pair left) for $4.50 (after my 10% discount) which just happened to be in Westely's size! So he got that as a gift as well.

This Sat I took a nice walk with Katie and we picked up a lot of knee highs for her and Sadie and a few pair of tights on Clearance as well. That is a great benefit of my job!

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