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2006-02-21 - 9:38 p.m.

Attention Board members: Attached is my response letter to the one I received from your library kicking us out of PRESCHOOL STORY HOUR.

I ask that the BOARD decide whether this action of your Executive Director is to be supported or not, as I believe it may be in your authority to decide whether or not this is in fact an appropriate use of her authority or not.

I would apprechiate a response as to whether or not my family can continue our routine of attending Preschool Story Hour.

If not, I certainly will understand, and then we will instead continue to enjoy the monthly civics lesson of attending Board meetings as a remaining opportunity for me to instill socially appropriate behavior in my children, since our presence was not so disruptive there that your business was successfully attended to and I do truly value such opportunitys for teaching and training.

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