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2006-02-28 - 11:52 a.m.

A money saving tip I actually recently was happy to figure out!

When filling my VOLVO and determining if I could afford the recent trip to Buffalo, I first consulted my car manuel to read the gas specifications. I have been in the habit of using 91 octane and I THOUGHT it REQUIRED that. I decided to double check.

Sure enough the manuel read:

"Engine designed for OPTIMAL EFFICIENCY at 91 , lowest accepted is 87"

So what does that REALLY MEAN? THAT after seven years of treating my engine so well I think I can fill it up with 87 octane and it should still function and survive the few more years until we trade it in. (We intended on seven years for this car anyway! I resisted upgrading this year as the matter of the TITLE of the new car BEING IN MY NAME is a point I am holding out on! We will upgrade when and if a. Hubby gives me the "gift" of a new car in my name (Or even the one I am driving now in my name! WHICHEVER)


or c. I decide for some reason that I don't require a car in my own name to ensure safety (Hmmm... not a likely outcome... As maybe I don't NEED IT FOR SAFETY I think it darn SMART to have it for HEALTH of our relationship! AUTONOMY, INDEPENDENCE etc are all VERY IMPORTANT when married to a controller!

Main point here though is this: I WAS THRILLED to fill up my tank for $37 and to get to Buffalo and back on that! YAH!!! That REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE as it is literally HALF the cost of the other family vehicle! THat and the fact I blew through the crap that the other vehicle , technically a truck DOES FIT IN THE AIRPORT PARKING GARAGE, so there is NO REASON THAT WHEN WESTLEY TRAVELS HE CAN NOT LEAVE ME MY CAR AND PARK THE EXPENSIVE ONE THERE!

And the other fact, that EVEN IF HE TAKES THAT ONE , I can EASILY head to the airport and FIND IT AND SWAP IT OUT as I did a few weeks ago, ALL MAKE ME VERY HAPPY! (HE was less than happy and pulled his crap of spewing nonsense... but he did get over it the very next day! YAH PROGRESS... life goes on even when you can't control every move of your wife and she is an independent individual person separate from yourself! )

So I have indeed PROMISED not to take the girls on any day trips WITHOUT TELLING THEIR DAD, however I MADE IT CLEAR that I will go when I feel like it and will be courteous not to interfere with WEstely's plans, and use common sense regarding safety of weather etc. I basically met ALL HIS OTHER CRITERIA but refuse to agree that HE HAS TO BE IN AGREEMENT WITH MY EVERY PLAN


He is too much of a BAH HUM BUGGER.

Hey- that's a good knickname for him at times.


So when I read THIS TODAY I THOUGHT IT WORTH REPEATING YET AGAIN. It comes off a site called "Quality HEalth" which is largely responsible for lots of JUNK MAIL (but I did get a $20.00 rebate for my prescription which is why I signed up! AND THE CHECK REALLY DID ARRIVE along with a very scary DCD touting medicine for kids that talked of how it changed A THREE YEAR OLD'S LIFE.. I couldn't help but think-- YEAH- NOW HE DOESN'T ACT THREE ANYMORE... GO MEDS! But hey since now I DON"T ACT THREE ANYMORE maybe I shouldn't knock it! I am just not ready to chalk up all kids hyperactivity to ABNORMALITY that should be corrected just yet! (Maybe if we get kicked out of OTHER places than storyhour...)

The site is also responsible for pharmasutical company market reserach and likely now know more than anyone NEEDS to about me! So they will keep sending those fun DVDs with scary stories of kids who are now near perfect! Anyway... Here's their great tip of the day:

" You won't hear anyone at the gas station tell you that the only thing you're doing when fueling up with premium gas is losing money. It's true!
If your car specifies regular gas, premium won't make your car operate or drive any better. So unless your car specifically asks or is designed for premium gas, save your money!
In the end, premium gasoline is about 14% more expensive.

Give your vehicle a real treat by changing the oil more often - this is GUARANTEED to make your car happy! "

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