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2006-03-06 - 11:28 p.m.

After searching and finding all sorts of information about long lost FRIENDS over the past few years, and after today thinking alot about my FAMILY I decided to do a search about some of my OHIO CORRIGAN relatives (my mother's kin)

I quickly found these nice words of respect and apprechiation for my GODFATHER in his role of mentor some years ago. HA HA... one can read this and not know WHICH one was him.... as TWO Corrigans were apprechiated as mentors! And they were not in fact RELATED to one another (at least not directly... though perhaps INDIRECTLY in some fashion!)

It's really funny that my Godfather ALSO wrote a recommendation letter for law school for a lawyer whom was the MOM of one of my kids classmates at Lincoln Elementary in VA! How's that for an unlikely connection in a small town!

I hadn't come to terms with the ACCEPTING of help offered in meeting personal goals yet over those five years in which I kept trying OVER AND OVER AGAIN to get into law school! Had I been open to that, heck life would have been a different course for me! NOt that it would have been BETTER-- just different! HAD I NOT BEEN UNWILLING to accept help, I might have actually been interested in St. Bonaventure for undergrad (which I ruled out SOLELY as my DAD was an alum and I didn't want to get any kudos on an application which were not based ON MY MERIT! Similarly I ALSO REFUSED TO CONSIDER any of the MANY OHIO LAW SCHOOLS which my Godfather and many other Ohio lawyer relatives attended or had connections with. Heck talk about stubborn, I wouldn't even ask my Godfather for a recommendation letter as I never WORKED with him in any capacity! But had I NOT been so stubborn I WOULD HAVE and very likely with a recommendation from him of my CHARACTER and HARD WORK ETHIC that he COULD ATTEST TO from knowing me, I might have actually not had to wait so long to finally get in. Those things can sometimes be a weighted factor.

Now for my favorite memory of my Godfather: I have very distinct memories of enjoying visiting my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins who were SO VERY IRISH. My UNCLE just LOVED IRISH MUSIC AND DANCE and he had taught all his kids to do traditional dancing himself. He would lead them and the kids would all join in. It was great fun for my siblings and I to watch as we knew nothing of this! It was such an enriching experience to visit and be immersed in such rich cultural traditions- including ethnic foods as well. My Uncle and Aunt clearly found their Irish Heritage to be an important UNIFYING thing in their family. They used the traditions as a means of celebration whenever any family got together. We really enjoyed that!

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