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2006-03-07 - 6:05 p.m.

Librarys are governed under STATE EDUCATION LAW and in NY chartered independent librarys may retain independence however still be accountatble to the NY BOARD OF REGENTS as Publicly funded educational institutions.

My favorite section of the law governing librarys from what I have recently read thus far:

"Section 226 does not require or mandate the appointment of officers or employees. Therefore, there is no requirement that the trustees of a public library provide for officers or employees. They may, however, provide for such officers or employees as they deem necessary…. There is no authority for the board of trustees of a public library to appoint one of their number as an officer or employee of the library. Such an appointment is contrary to public policy, since it is against good conscience that a board with appointing power should appoint one of its own members to office." (Op. Compt. 62-5, February 14, 1962). See also Op. Compt. 77-125.

Likewise I think it contrary to public policy that THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR who is AN EMPLOYEE OF THE LIBRARY and as such is really ACCOUNTABLE TO THE BOARD which is an independent governing body, Should be the ONLY POINT OF CONTACT in order to read the BOARD MEETING MINUTES.

This seems to me TO ALSO be contrary to public policy!

The fact the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of my local library refused to pass on E-MAIL ADDRESSES for BOARD MEMBERS seems to me to ALSO BE PROBLEMATIC.

I spent an annoying amount of time today printing and stuffing envelopes for BOARD MEMBERS that I will mail CERTIFIED soon enough. This just seems like a big time and money waster when an e-mail could have accomplished the same thing!

Oh and for the reference librarians to PLAY DUMB when inquired if the law governing libaries is available on line really just makes them look SILLY and incompetent! (Not to mention that there is a little sticker on the inside of borrowed books indicating that pursuant to NY EDUCATION law those who damage or don't return property will be fined or sent to prison.... SO FOR THEM TO ACT LIKE THEY DON'T KNOW that librarys fall under EDUCATION LAW is just BS! They even acted stupid when I DIRECTLY asked if there is a copy of MC KINNEYs which is the NYS law reference book. Maybe they REALLY ARE CLUELESS but heck THEY WORK AS REFERENCE LIBRARIANS so they should AT LEAST be able to look this inquiry up and GET BACK TO ME-- but no one did. I found it on line myself today as while the local town office was GRACIOUS and WELCOMING of the girls accompanying me while I did reserach there with their hard copys of NY STATE law, I really DO find it easier to let them play at home while I read law on line.



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