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2006-03-15 - 2:50 p.m.

Vanessa Redgave said in an interview with Amy Goodman about RACHEL CORRIE "The essence of life and the essence of theater is to communicate about lives...This was an extrodinary She didn't take sides although she went to defend Palestinians, it wasn't about taking sides, it was about defending human lives. That's the basis of human rights. .. I don't know a single government that actually abide by human rights law... but
To cancel a play, but it wasn't really a play, but to cancel a VOICE, becasue it was her voice is an act of such catastrophic cowardice, because we live in times where people are fearful enough about speaking out....
people in the theater and film television dance music, we have to do what we must do"

Here is a review of the production in London.,,1459259,00.html

Sadly the NEW YORK production was cancelled amist some "mublings" I believe were about FEAR of the theater company retaining financial support from some who were upset at their sponsoring what they viewed as a political piece. Here's info on that cancellation by the NEW YORK THEATER WORKSHOP from one of the editor's of the play (also a GUARDIAN Editor)

EDITED TO ADD this link as when I was doing SOMETHING as I am listening to Democracy Now while getting house work done, I was touched by a song on Democracy Now so rewound my DVR to hear more of it and pay attention to the images accompanying it which included photos of Rachel Corrie at an activist event in Palestine of a mock trial of George Bush for international human rights violations.

On a personal note-- Yesterday I got a reminder call from my DENTIST as I had an appointment for this morn. I WAS SO GLAD for that reminder call and called the cardiologist (which I MEANT TO DO WEEKS AGO!)who DID NOT FIND A MITROVAULVE PROLAPSE and surmises it was only TEMPORARY DISTRESS OF THE KIDNEY INFECTION I had years ago that caused abnormality when it was then diagnosed. So I was pleased that when I went to the dentist this morn THEY DID RECEIVE THE FAX from the Cardiologist THAT I DO NOT HAVE ANY CURRENT SIGNS OF MITROVALVE PROLAPSE AND HAVE NO NEED FOR PREMEDICATION for dental care! YAH!!! I SUCCESSFULLY GOT BOTH MY TEETH CLEANED AND A CAVITY FILLED (which my dentist IN VA found THREE YEARS AGO!) When the Dr said "you take novacaine" I said "No-- This won't take long will it?" She said "No- it will be really fast and will feel like an electrical shock but then be over" So I braved it and the pain, while CERTAINALY PAIN for a brief moment, was really just not that bad. Quick and tolerable in that small moment then over. WHEW!!!

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