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2006-04-25 - 3:33 p.m.

I was happy to get an e-mail from my former debater from HS who is now working at Reuters in NY. I had found her on line a while ago but never contacted her until a few weeks ago when I discovered the JOURNALISTS BLOGS at the news service site and was excited to see she had one.

As she covers technology equities it made her site ALL THAT MUCH MORE INTERESTING!
WHat a perfect job for her! To play in the acceptable HIGH RISK playground for a living! The last I was in touch with her she had just written a piece about ELEVATOR SURFING in NY for the VILLAGE VOICE and had enjoyed the thrill of the research she did!
A creative and fun and very smart but a bit crazy person....

I love people like that! Those who think and sometimes even JUMP outside the box!

Being in touch with her made me think of my other acquaintence who has made it in the world of journalism. I was actually very good friends with her younger brother, but worked with Valerie on our college paper and we always got along well.

IT was fun to see she has been promoted to EDITOR of SHAPE magazine and to find these pics on line:

I am really such a stubborn knucklehead sometimes. Here I have been mailing silly pieces of creative writing out sporadically for the past few years when what I REALLY should have just done was swallow my pride and send off an e-mail to the contacts I have (who I have ACTUALLY WORKED WITH! AND WHO KNOW MY ABILITY!) and ask if they have any need for a freelancer or any leads for me!

Of course when I heard from my friend at REUTERS who I was really considered a friend that I knew rather well more than an acquaintence I just e-mailed catching up with each other. The thing is that without having MOBILITY I won't be able to effectively cover anything so before I venture to see if she has any opportunities I NEED TO SECURE BABYSITTING!

I am excited as I am ALMOST done paying my attorney's bill! YAH!!! THEN I Can start to pay of my family I am indebted to (BIG BRO!) and ALSO HAVE SOME MONEY AVAILABLE FOR BABYSITTING!! YAH!! THAT WILL IMPROVE MY INCOME POTENTIAL as then I COULD hop a plane to NY or wherever for a day if it would be necessary to get a freelance gig. OF COURSE I HAVE NO IDEA if there is even an opportunity such as that-- but if there is at all I am sure I would be considered.

* OH and here's a secret, when in college Val was the LEAST likely person to give a hoot about faschion. She was too busy with school work and getting the paper out each week as it's EDITOR.

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