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2006-05-01 - 10:42 a.m.

I read what had to be the FUNNIEST piece

"Dirty Laundry" by Maggie Lamond Simone which is a piece about SPRING CLEANING by a MOM who is not all that inclined to be a "neatnik" as she says, who is married to one who seems to have a fear of dirt which equals WESTELY'S.

SO even HE LAUGHED when I read a few choice quotes to him, such as my favorite when the author describes her husband:

"He believes that antything designed for storage from the kitchen counters to the hall closet to the basement, is specifically designed for the storage of air"

THAT QUOTE IS JUST SO FANTASTIC. AND in order to not drive her husband who is just SO TYPICALLY her opposite CRAZY the article of the wife's well intended SPRING CLEANING is just a hoot!

I was therefore happy to find she recently started a web site, so I can occassionally READ HER SITE if I happen to miss reading an article I hoped to, on those days when the paper I left on the kitchen counter WHERE IT DOESN'T BELONG as it is not either AIR or a KITCHEN GADGET, ends up in the CIRCULAR FILE PRIOR TO ME HAVING READ IT.

TODAY I AM HAPPY TO POST HER CURRENT ARTICLE ON THE FRIDGE as it indeed offered a chance for WESTLEY and I both to laugh at ourselves TOGETHER which is one of the healthiest things I believe a couple can do!

There are a few more links to great pieces by this author. Here's another one that had me laughing too:

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