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2006-05-11 - 9:13 a.m.

Yesterday we enjoyed a lovely walk to the library (on which I IMAGINED going to the PRESCHOOL STORY HOUR next week- which happens to be when they are voting on the school budget including the huge funding of this particular library branch for EXPANSION. I enjoyed a wonderful DAY DREAM of really being a social activist who changes the world for the better-- in this little corner anyway, as in the dream I exercise civil disobedience and REFUSE TO LEAVE STORY HOUR then allow myself and toddlers to be dragged away WHICH JUST OUTRAGES THE WHOLE SOCIALLY CONSIOUS COMMUNITY. In this dream THEY ALL CARE and RALLY around us- and its not merely a big media story of MINE but all the OTHER MALIGNED TODDLERS AND MOTHERS OF MORE THAN ONE CHILD COME OUT IN DROVES TO TELL THEIR STORY OF DISCRIMINATION AGAINST LARGE FAMILIES......)

We then got to the library and I enjoyed

Which is just SO MUCH FUN and I am convinced Raitlin identifies with the trouble maker toddler in it that SHE INSISTED I READ IT OVER AGAIN. I did so with editorializing that the listening librarian didn't really think amusing, but I vented and felt a BIT BETTER in the moment as I added "But the author forgot to write what happened next. NEXT the MANAGER, see him here, KICKED THE FAMILY OUR OF THE SUPERMARKET AND TOLD THEN THEY WERE NOT ALLOWED BACK, AND LADY That fell in the store when the toddler spilled the things that tripped her SEWED THE MOMMY TO PAY ALL THE DAMAGES, WHICH YOU SHOULD DO IF YOU ACTIONS ACTUALLY CAUSE HARM. IN THIS STORY THE CHILD REALLY DID CAUSE HARM SO THEY WERE JUSTIFIABLY KICKED OUT."

Raitlin was STILL JUST SO THRILLED WITH THE BOOK and I think that made it even BETTER for her-- as I guess she felt like she wasn't THE ONLY ONE ever kicked out of somewhere, that she then INSISTED I CONTINUE TO READ EVERY WORD ON THE PAGE REMAINING THAT I HAD MISSED: THe last page with the dedications, and "NO page of this may be reproduced, copied etc... and all the other TECHNICAL DETAILS of the publishing company." at which point I DID NOTE the librarian (she is the very kind one we DO LIKE) crack a smile! Raitlin REALLY DOES HAVE THIS LOVE OF BOOKS which is remarkable and ironic at the same time.

I also enjoyed another version of the day dream (when I realized the VOTE is on TUE and story hour is on WED so we missed the actual REAL opportunity to look like WACKOS and for me to be a be rebel rousing social activist likely dragging children through torture in what would REALLY be a self absorbed narcissic moment IF I REALLY MAKE THEM ACCOMPANY ME IN A SIT IN A THE LIBRARY STORY HOUR which in REALITY would likely be MORE LIKE LAST TIME WE WENT even if I TRIED to do it-- which would be Raitlin being upset at the horrible message conveyed by the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR THAT SHE IS NOT WELCOME AND THEN ENDING IN SCREAMING "I AM NOT GOING TO FOLLOW THE LIBRARY RULES!!!!!" which really wouldn't look like I was anyone's savior defending the library philosophy of "FOR ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME"

Which I think is just SOOOOOO Ridiculously ironic!

So my next DAY DREAM included INSTEAD HAVING OUR PROTEST at the SCHOOL where voting is taking place with my daughter yielding a sign "I WAS KICKED Out OF PRESCHOOL STORY HOUR. CONSIDER THIS IN DECIDING WHERE TO SEND YOUR TAX DOLLARS"

But of course that ALSO is almost as bad of a dream - to have a kid on parade like that. BUT in the dream there was nothing WRONG with that and all the money went to EXPAND INSTEAD THE WELCOMING LIBRARY in the next town.

Then as we were to leave I felt like I am ALMOST READY to forgive and let go of this issue when I found THIS MARVELOUS BOOK ON THE SHELVE, and the NICE LIBRARIAN AT THE COUNTER WHO KNOWS US LET US TAKE IT OUT along with GOOD NIGHT MOON which was marvelous as that is indeed ALEXY's favorite and she was overtired and it assisted in ceasing her complaining when she was strapped into the offending stroller so we could leave (The same one who I noticed TOOK LOTS of photos of the girls at the last library concert where the old folks ENJOYED their young company!) -- THAT IS HE LET US CHECK THESE OUT WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A LIBRARY CARD OR LISCENSE OR ANYTHING! AFTER ALL WE ARE INFAMOUS THERE SO THEY ALL KNOW US!
We had in fact not planned on the walk to the library, however after WAITING for the bus for over 10 minutes, then turning heading the other way, then SEEING IT AT THE TOP OF THE HILL AT THE CORNER and all running back TO IT like crazy possessed folks (With me the coach encouraging all to hustle) and the bus PULLING AWAY we then walked Sadie to school and the need for a potty on the way home motivated the library detour.

Here is the MARVELOUS lithographed 1941 poetry collection STARS TO STEER BY

And, at 8:30 pm (we had soccer practice so baths had to be finished first!) the girls were securely and peacefully tucked in bed dreaming of dancing with Spring after Sadie tried her hand at reciting her memorized poem for today's school presentation BACKWARDS, and wishing upon the moon, after then hearing again as they dozed :

Who Calls?

"Listen, children, listen, won't you come into the night?
The stars have set their candle gleam, the moon her lanthorn light.
I'm piping little tunes for you to catch your dancing feet.
There's glory in the heavens, but there's magic in the street.
There's jesting here and carnival:the cost of a balloon
Is an ancient rhyme said backwards, and a wish upon the moon.
The city walls and city streets!-you shall make of these
As fair a thing as country roads and blossomy apple trees."

"What Watchman calls us in the night, and plays a little tune
That turns our tongues to talking now of April, May and June?
Who bids us come with nimble feet and snapping fingertips?"

"I am the Spring, the Spring, The Spring with laughter on my lips"

Frances Clarke

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