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2006-05-12 - 2:33 p.m.

I am not sure if this link will actually work for long, However I am going to try it to see.

Regardless I am here documenting my prescription for FOCUS DAILIES as I think I didn't SAVE the package from the others I tested AS I INTENDED TO.

-1.50 in EACH EYE -.75 X90

as I can't afford to get these just now, but am trying them out to see if I like them. I actually already tried out a 30 day torque lens I did like and am just going to order those in a month or so when I can afford to do so. For now I am VERY PLEASED to have today picked up my new glasses!

I picked out the frames SO QUICKLY since I had the girls in tow, so they are VERY similar to my old glasses, except they are PINK and the old frame was a dark burgundy. I actually LIKE the darker frame with my coloring better, but these will have to do as my old glasses WERE INDEED BROKEN a few times by well intentioned girls! Fortunately lenses could be popped back in and they could still be worn. I in fact MISPLACED them a few days ago so was glad the new ones were ready!
I am ALSO LUCKY to have only a MINOR problem with distance, so that although I SHOULDN'T DRIVE without my glasses, I WAS ABLE to get to the Eye Dr!

When I went for my contact fitting the EYE dr was on vacation and this awesome Dr. who is exactly my age (RAITLIN ASKED HER!) saw me and she said she has absolutely NO PROBLEM writing more than one prescription for contacts if I tried out a few and then wanted to go to 1-800 CONTACTS to see if there were any that really were most cost effective. She was GREAT as SHE THEN PULLED OUT THE 30 DAY lenses which are in fact really more of a bargain than the disposable option, and a better long term investment for those like me who have a history of getting REGULAR one year lens and then LOSING THEM and not bothering to even get the replacement but just resort to wearing glasses all the time.

For $189 I can get 12 pairs of the 30 DAY Baushe and Loumb ( I give up on my effort to spell that correctly after struggling with it a few times... I know its wrong but I am impatient now! Girls to watch who are making juice in the kitchen!)

When I called back the office to CONFIRM the actual lens that I had tried and have decided to order just to be sure there is not a significant price difference getting them from the Dr as oppossed to on line, I told the receptionist that I DID want to come in for the fitting for the daily ones just in case I decide I can afford them in the future since THEY ARE LITERALLY 50% LESS on 1 800 CONTACTS for those! I told her that I believed there is no difference in price when comparing the 30 day on line, and that's what I want now anyway, so I will order those through the office, but I also wanted to get the prescripton for the daily use ones since we travel between NY and VA JUST IN CASE I DECIDE I WANT THOSE AND CAN AFFORD THEM IN THE FUTURE. She said that she didn't think the DR would give TWO PRESCRIPTIONS for different lens as they want to be sure they fit well etc... and the prescription is only good for one year so most people would just get one prescription, unless they are not happy with them, and then I could come in and see them to get another anyway. I told her the other Dr said she saw no reason it couldn't be done, even though most people had never asked for that. She said to then talk to him and tell him she said that, and I said I could check with him and can honor what he is comfortable doing anyway (as its not that likely I will really have any great desire for those anyway! I think the 30 day will be fine!) I do think its rather odd though that it is such a big deal to be able to get more than one prescription for lenses. They REALLY ARE GREAT in letting you try them all out, and they are in no rush to let me take my time deciding . So that being the case, I would think they would also not have an issue with more than one prescription if people are fickle! It would make sense if they indeed MADE MORE MONEY as to come back in would result in another charge- however I think this office doesn't EVEN CHARGE MORE For subsequent appointments to change a lens if you are uncomfortable in one! I guess it has more to do with fear the prescription would be misused by another person.

I was so pleased that the office was terriffic in encouraging me to try a few different lenses to find the best ones. That was a HUGE HELP to me to have those 30 day lenses to use for a month since my glasses were precariously barely together with lenses that kept popping out! THAT month added to the the few weeks prior during which I had tested DAILY LENSES but then realized I COULD NOT READ SIGNS AT NIGHT AT ALL so REALLY NEEDED THE TORIC ONES FOR NIGHT DRIVING gave me about six weeks of decent vision provided by TESTING LENS which gave me time to WAIT UNTIL I COULD AFFORD TO COME IN AND PICK UP MY GLASSES (which have been in for a while now!) WESTLEY ACTUALLY SAID HE WOULD PAID FOR THE GLASSES, BUT NOT THE CONTACTS. I HAD TO WAIT UNTIL I COULD PAY FOR THE CONTACT FITTING EXAM WHICH OUR INSURANCE WON'T COVER AS I had to pay the whole bill before I could pick up my glasses! The VSP VISION PLAN we have covers EITHER glasses OR contacts exam but not both!(CHEAP! BUT HEY- at least it is still worth it as the glasses would cost much more without it!)

So I am not BACK IN MY GLASSES after everything being blurry the past few days! I have some vague memory of my glasses FALLING OFF MY FACE as the frame was so poor, but I can't recall WHERE THIS HAPPENED. I am likely going to come across the old pair in a laundry basket, dirty hamper, or near the changing area (I figure my hands HAD TO HAVE BEEN FULL AT THE TIME WITH SOMETHING I COULDN'T JUST PUT DOWN!) I recall thinking I HAVE TO REMEMBER The odd place they landed... but of course I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF WHERE THAT WAS-- just of the EXPERIENCE in general!

And IF THEY DON'T WANT TO GIVE A 2nd prescription and for some reason in the next year SHOULD I WANT ONE-- WELL I already was aware that might be the case! That's why on one of the visits I ASKED to get the prescription written out on a card for me. The receptionist DID SO (SO although it hasn't a JOHN HANCOCK it IS ON the official office CARD! That seemed wise at the time! I am sure if they ever get a 1-800 CONTACTS Call confirming a prescription whatever secretary answers the phone won't have a hard time to read THE ACTUAL THREE CONTACT PRESCRIPTIONS that have been jotted down between the two Drs!. AHH GREAT I JUST PULLED IT OUT and INDEED I DID also tape to the back of that card the case from those tested ONE DAY ACUVUE which there are OFTEN rebates for! So I bet if I faxed that card at some point to 1-800 CONTACTS it would work!

IT REALLY TAKES A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF WORK TO TAKE CONTROL OF HOW AND WHERE TO SPEND YOUR YOUR MONEY! Offices and those providing SERVICES of all sort are often quick to make those decisions for you if you let them! And when it comes to MOST SALES there is OFTEN some benefit to A Dr. or a SALESMAN for the products they encourage and their incentive is not TO BE ASSUMED to help you get the best product for the best price! It really does pay to do your own market research ABOUT EVERYTHING.

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