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2006-06-08 - 6:34 p.m.

I was laughing as I reviewed a pamplet for TEENAGERS regarding internet use and I came across this:

In online lingo, typing your message in all capital letters is considered shouting. Well, Moms and Dads, WE'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SHOUT ABOUT.

A recent study of us teens shows that you-our parents- know very little about the Web sites we visit..."

I was hysterical when I read that as my older bro recently mentioned this e-mail and internet etiquitte to me and I said I KNOW however its not yelling when I use caps and never turn it off but Sometimes I intend to emphasize one thing and then forget to change it and I often just hit that CAP LOCK button inadvertedly and leave it on.

Frankly my typing is so ridiulously slow if I actually edit for social appropriateness that, as I responded to my brother's helpful input, "I DON't REALLY CARE" if I am misunderstood or appear rude as I type the best I can and it is already burdensome to have to correct the ridiculous amount of typos so I am not about to fix that odd quirk just yet! I told him I don't think anyone I KNOW who reads my stuff would be offended as they likely understand I am not yelling.

In fact it took a really long time for me to have to get the CAPS correct in the above quote! (And lack thereof where they don't belong)

In any case I did think it was funny to read the comment on this phamplet that I picked up for my kids recently and am getting ready to mail to them now.
I can TRY to stop my habit of emphasis that then gets forgotten. I wish I knew how to use italics and underline when in this forum, and perhaps can figure that all out, but for now using caps isn't yelling for me but emphasis and then often accidentally hitting the key that stays stuck. Oh well....

At least I write....
And at least I ask the kids what they like on line and have actually visited NEO PETS and their other places of interest- So although I am a typical out of the loop parent in some regards I am pretty happy to have decent communication with them on this issue!

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