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2006-06-09 - 11:35 a.m.

OOPS! Travel charges already went through! Insufficient funds overdrawn by $1.00!!! THANK GOD that check went thorough though as it was for the GREEK restaraunt we ate at for $7.58 (including tip!) that my friends own!

I hoped to get to TARGET to return the clothes and to the bank BEFORE all transactions were posted!
Back home just for a moment to grab another few items as one didn't show up on any of the receipts. (I think the receipt is the same one of clothes I RETURNED before when in this predicament! and I didn't retain the original. I KNOW the one skirt is on the one gift receipt but that only gives back a TARGET GIFT CARD so it is not helpful then!
Well, this IS WHY I took KATERINA and intended on taking SOREN shopping BEFORE the court date! I wanted to buy them clothes and if I didn't have travel and court battle expenses not get funds that would have otherwise been for THEIR CLOTHES but wanted to be forced to swallow my pride and ask WESTLEY FOR HELP.

He indeed will help with forthcoming travel expenses but I didn't want to even have to ask or discuss the Buffalo matter with him. Its just much HAPPIER AT HOME without even bringing this matter up ! BUt that's OK, he'll help.

For now back to TARGET with some of the stuff still here that I DO have the receipt for. THANK GOODNESS BOYS ARE EASY TO SHOP FOR so its really no big loss to return the jeans for FALL and a few POLO shirts. I can find those again or Soren will get by with hand me downs (as I think Katerina actually has some HE Can wear as they are gender neutral!)

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