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2006-06-16 - 5:26 p.m.

Soren is involved in a really cool live art project HERE:

I forget what it is called, but some sort of MOSAIC preformance art piece where a group of students in his school RECREATED a photograph. They worked on PROPS with some of the art majors, and SOREN and some of the THEATER MAJORS are the actors who are representing the people who were in the photograph.

It sounds really awesome!

So he was there when I called. He had told me about this but he hadn't known exactly WHERE it was going to be preformed. His grandmother told me it is at the art gallery and she was excited she got to see them set it all up and that alone was really neat!

So he was not home to consult with regarding some clothing I found ON E-BAY.

But for $5 I have three shirts being sent to him, and tonight my entertainment will be bidding on size 12 boys shorts. I CAN't BELIEVE THE COMPETITION FOR THOSE! I just lost a bid on one lot!

In the end I'll probably get more for my money than buying even on CLEARANCE at TARGET, and the clothes will get to him sooner! I actually may take a drive tommorrow to see both he and Katerina as Westley asked if I want to go and offered to watch the girls. I think that means he is also offering TO PAY FOR IT, but until I CONFIRM THAT I won't make plans! HE USED TO PAY FOR MONTHLY VISITS but a few months ago got angry when I went without FIRST ASKING HIM (which I guess is fair as the expenses were on HIS CARD, but I had thought he had BUDGETED FOR A MONTHLY VISIT and hadn't therefore surprised him!)

Anyway, I think he has gotten over his issue and is starting to again ACT NORMAL and not like I am some stranger leeching off of him! Heck he should know that it has been HARD FOR ME to not be the one earning income and being dependent as I am indeed a prideful person who was always self sufficient and independent (perhaps to a fault at times!)

So I believe when he asked if I want to go to Buffalo this weekend he was making an OFFER to pay my way... but until I CONFIRM that I won't inquire as to whether the kids are available.

Now I KNOW SOREN'S Preformance art piece is THIS EVENING. I would be SO THRILLED if they are also going to do it AGAIN tommorrow or the next day!

Maybe I'll get lucky and catch it.
If not it will still be nice to have time with the kids, and I think this time the little ones will remain home which will be nice as well as they have come along the past few times and I think it nice to also have time with the older ones without them. (AS then we have a very different kind of visit than the sibling play together one!)

The kids grandmother also told me that Katerina is just so confident and happy and feels good about herself which she hasn't seen in a while. She said that she got compliments on her outfit of new white skirt

and striped top (which is not on the website! Sold out I guess! It was a navy and white horizontal cotton jersey tank which looked so wonderful on her that she got a second in red and white!)

She said Katerina also told her she received a compliment on an outfit the other day FROM A STRANGER! So she is really feeling good in her new wardrobe which flatters her!
I was pleased to hear that.

This is the skirt Katerina saw and just loved most of all the new things:

Dinner is over and the kids are watching BABE, so now its time for me tsearch E-BAY for shorts!

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