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2006-06-19 - 6:33 p.m.

Bummer! I finally cut out the material to sew curtains for Sadie's bathroom (which match her shower curtain), only to discover I can't sew them tonight as my power cord for my sewing machine is missing!

What really stinks is that I recently had my machine in for a tune up and I am pretty sure that I left the power cord there and failed to notice it wasn't with the machine when I picked it up! However it has been a MONTH since I picked up my machine! So hopefully it is still there and hasn't been sold or something like that!

I might have to buy a new one which would be disappointing!

At least I have caught up with all the boring mending jobs and finally STARTED this creative endeavor!
That's something-- especially since it had to me around six months ago that we bought the fabric for those curtains!

That's TOTALLY an ADD TRAIT-- starting one thing, or rather having a great IDEA and INTENTION of starting something but not always getting around to it!

I never ever even STARTED the project of curtains that were planned and intended to be made out of a lovely Laura Ashley fabric for Katerina's pretty bedroom in VA years ago. One day I wrote about how proud I was to get to it.... but I guess I forgot as I never even made it as far as cutting them out. I recently LAUGHED as I read that entry of how excited I was to finally start those curtains and recalled how confused and overwealmed I was as I attempted to do something I never before did when sewing: read instructions! I always just went ahead and whipped up some creation and that time it had been years since I sewed so I made the mistake of trying to read some sewing books and tips on making curtains. I should know better as for me any instructions are akin to reading a map. I am better off just following my instinct and creative internal guides and then most often end up where I hope to be rather than lost and confused when trying to read instructions or maps!

We are leaving for VA in about a week so I hope to not forget about this and get my power cord and finish THIS project and hope to actually then bring my machine to VA and REALLY DO THAT PROJECT OF CURTAINS THERE TOO!

That's the difference medication can make- suddently all those back burner IDEAS and projects actaully get remembered and actualized! It's a wonderful thing!

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